Drink – do you concern about?


Good drinks are very important in our life. They affect directly to our health while most of us who do not concern about as much as it needs to be. Drink commonly or called clearer with the word as beverage is a part of our life. However it is truly that sometimes we talk about drink, many people think immediately about alcoholic drinks or some types like that. They seem to neglect of the daily drink with good drinks that their bodies need.

Drink is surely not simple question. It takes more serious role to human bodies. Drink must be arranged in your essential check list like anything else in your life. So the question is how about our attitude and behavior with drink daily?

Essential source for life

Good drinks in which water generally must be supplied to us daily. This is the obvious question that does not need any evidences to prove. Human body’s structure with 60% is water. Without water the bodies die. So, that is the reason why the question of drink is more serious than we think. With no drink we cannot survive. And without good drinks the bad situations are created certainly. And then the bodies are harmed in different levels that we may not know clearly till the time the problem become serious really.

For this reason, we should pay our attention in the drink daily. Try to choose the good drinks to consume as our choice good food daily. This is the wonderful way to maintain our body and our health in good direction. The point is what a base for us to be easier in discernment? There are some main points related to drink that may get your more attention as the continuous part below.

The main parts of drink

You may see many types of drinks today. It is not easy for us to choose the good drinks if we do not handle some main things related to them. It is more and more difficult if you consume the drink following the favor and taste. Drink generally has 2 parts that are separated. They are non alcoholic drink and alcoholic one.

Non-alcohol drink: It is also called non-alcoholic beverage with alcohol free or less than 0.5% of alcohol contained. Non-alcohol drink has different types popularly such as non-alcohol beer; cider with low alcoholic percentage; soft drinks with milk, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, juice 100%, juice drinks, sport drinks and energy drinks, sodas, mixed drinks, cocktails or mocktails etc.

Alcoholic drink: It is also called alcoholic beverage with at least 2% of alcohol contained. Alcoholic beverage has different types popularly such as wine, beer, cider with high alcohol percentage and distilled beverages such as vodka, gin, rum, brandy etc.

Drink and benefits to human body

Commonly drink gives different benefits to human body. It depends on types and the use by us. The greatest need related to drink for human body is water because water is the important source that helps to maintain the life and good health. After water, there are the good drinks that may help to contribute your health more effective. Different good drinks can bring the essential nutrients and minerals additionally to the body. And benefits of drinks are measured by your choice of daily drinks suitably or not.

Drink, cuisine and culture

Drink is a part of human life and of course it is also a part of human culture. It is not only for human survival or human health, but also containing or conveying the certain meaning related to culture. Some places the drink is considered an expression of hospitality. Some places where serve drink are the places for people to meet together; to talk and share different stories about life; to make friend and start the social relationships. Beside there are some places such as bar and pub where the places for people to relax.

Related to culinary, drink with different types is attached with cuisine also in local or global levels. Drink is not just drinking but it is used in cooking as an interesting ingredient to make the dishes to be more tasty and fascinating. A child may drink a glass of milk in her or his breakfast; an adult can take a wine or just water in his or her dinner. A housewife may create a new dish with attractive flavor by adding a drink into her dish. Beside there is always a drink in the parties over the world.

Drink and drinking for note

It is said that related to understanding popularly drink and drinking are mentioned about the thing attached with alcohol. Although the definition of drink and beverage are pointed out the drinkable liquid but the understanding with drink is to point out the beverage with alcohol usually and drinking is the act of consuming these drinks. Otherwise, beverage is to point out mostly all drinkable liquids but it does not specify alcoholic drinkable liquid or not; and sometimes it just means the daily normal drink. 

There is an interesting point related to the definition, distinction of drink, beverage and drinking. However, this article focused on the word of drink as a definition of drinkable liquid generally. Otherwise it is beverage with some generic overview of drinkable liquid mentioned.