About us

There is a proverb that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. There is also the great sentence mentioned by Terri Guillemets: “Health is a relationship between you and your body”.

In the simplest way, the sentences lead us to the understanding about the importance of health and intimate relation between our body with what we eat every day and how it affects to our health. Or in the specific consideration that what we eat today, tomorrow then we would see how we treated our body. Or the dishes we eat today, they may be the power to our body tomorrow. But the food today we use, it may be able to become the path that leads us to disease caused its potential risks hidden inside.

How we act rightly in the world filled with rich food, tempting dishes, unlimited control of food using, comfortable food shopping etc. And what we should do to be sure that the things we use each day to be the real valued power to our body.

It is said that one of the basic ways to protect our health through food is to force us to know about the nutrition facts. Of course reading the nutrition facts on the labels in going shopping is not enough to protect our health completely. We need to understand in the details of nutrition, food, even our habit related to reduce the risk and increase the benefits to our body.

Now is the time we should understand our body more and understand more about nutrition, food, and other related things persistently steadily and more carefully. This makes the relationship between us and our body ourselves to be perfect. That is the best way to be healthier. That is the path to lead us to longer life and to be free from risks of disease.

We all know our health is priceless and the change for better things is never to be late. So NutritionF.com is established as a useful list that helps you to know about nutrition facts more details. NutritionF.com intends to provide statistically the list of fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, fishes, meat, grains, nuts which are very familiar with us daily in the new eyes. There are not only the nutrients but also the stories around such as varied food, food planning, eating out, thinking of food, shopping food habit etc. By this way, NutritionF.com may be become the home where you can find the useful information in the specific way to contribute to your health be better day by day. NutritionF.com works for the purpose that helps you and your body to become the best unity in the relationship with the climax of health.