White meat list (Part 1)

Chicken breast

White meat is considered one of good sources for health. It is used in all healthy eating plans. White meat is rich nutrition, vitamins and limited in fat. You may find out some typical white meats reminded such as poultry and fish. And now there is the list in detail of white meat mentioned. It may help you to be easier in knowing about white meat and choose it for your eating plan better.

In the white meat list, it may be arranged in 4 groups based on types of poultry, fish, pork, other types and a group of lean white meat base on the types of meat.

  1. Poultry and some words for note

Poultry is rich of types and there are many of them arranged in the white meat list. The poultry gives the white meat typically such as:

Chicken: Chicken is the most common type of poultry in all the kitchens. It is in the top of poultry for white meat. Chicken meat is rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. There are many recipes with chicken that you can find out. However the best choice for recipes is not all meat parts from chicken. It is said that breast of chicken is better than other parts such as legs and wings. Even the chicken breast is considered the most beneficial meat part of a chicken for our health, because the percentage of myoglobin from the chicken breast is lower than from legs and wings.

Turkey: it is not so different with chicken. The best meat from turkey is the breast. Turkey breast meat is low in fat and low myoglobin percentage.

For note:

Neutral meat: there are some opinions concluded that emu, pheasant, quail are in the neutral meat. It is in the line of red and white meat.

Emu meat is in the lower myoglobin percentage than red meat but higher than the real white meat such as chicken or turkey. Emu is a low fat meat that good for health. Emu is considered that it has the same taste with beef. And the breast meat from emu is better than the rest parts. However some opinion is considered emu is same with ostrich that arranged in the red meat list.

Related to pheasant, it is tasted same with chicken, some people consider that the texture of pheasant meat better than chicken. And the pheasant breast is used widely more than other meat parts from pheasant.

Red poultry meat: the poultry is such as duck, goose, pigeon, ostrich arranged in the red meat list. Ostrich is same with emu in both taste and nutrition. The best part of meat from ostrich is breast meat.

In the same way, duck and goose should be used with the breast meat more than other meat parts because the myoglobin percentage contained in the breast is lower than legs or wings.

Related to pigeon, although it is arranged in the red meat list but in some aspects, it is good for health because it is rich in calories, vitamins, minerals and low fat. By this reason pigeon is used widely with different recipes in the kitchens.

Related to white meat list with fish group and other types, please go to part 2 here. Thank you