White meat list (Part 2)

Sea bream

Mentioned white meat, the list seems to be simple but not. In the Part 1 of white meat list, the poultry is considered. And in this article, the fish group, pork, other types and lean white meat are presented for your reference.

  1. Fish and some words for note

In the list of white fish there are some typical fish that are rich in protein, low fat. They are:

Bream: It is counted about 200 pieces of bream. Bream is considered one of the good white fishes in the list. It is very rich in Vitamin B and niacin.

Cod: It is rich in iodine. The nutrition from cod contributes effectively in the process of converting food into energy and potassium.

Haddock: Haddock gives the taste same with the cod. Haddock is rich potassium and Vitamin B6.

Hake: Hake is rich phosphorus and potassium. Hake with fillet for grilling and sautéing is very well in taste and texture.

Halibut: Halibut is very rich in niacin. Halibut give the good taste in the frying recipes or porridge.

Mullet: some people give their opinion that mullet give the flavor same with lobster. Mullet is rich potassium. It is used widely in frying recipes.


Swordfish: It is rich selenium, niacin, Vitamin B12 and potassium. Swordfish is appropriate with fried recipes.

Tilapia: In the list of white fish, tilapia is considered to have the gentle texture in its flesh. It is used in many recipes included frying, steaming etc. Tilapia is rich in calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Eel: It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in protein and lipid. Eel is good for health but it is considered not to be the best choice for diet if there is not appropriate ingredient combined in the recipes to balance the nutrition contained.

For note:

Tuna: Some opinions considers that tuna is in the white meat list, some others arranges this fish in the red meat list and some people who put it in the neutral type with both features of red and white meat. The tuna is called chicken of the sea. It is rich in nutrition with the facts such as protein and essential amino acids. Tuna is in the fatty fish group that good for health base on the appropriated amount in consuming.

Salmon: Salmon is in the same case with tuna. There are different opinions of this fish because of the pink flesh. However it is different from tuna a little bit because the raw flesh from tuna is red and it returns to white after cooking. For salmon the color of the flesh is changed not so much after cooking, the slight pink color in flesh still remains although it is cooked.

  1. Pork with meat from young pig

In some countries, pork is considered the white meat but not in the U.S base on the myoglobin percentage contained. However the lean pork meat with very limit of fat contained and the meat from the young pig may be arranged in the white meat list to be good for health.

  1. Other types

Rabbit: Rabbit is considered one of the good sources for health also. It is rich nutrition but low fat, less calorie and free cholesterol.

Veal: it is the same case with young pig that gives the better value in nutrition compared with older cattle.

Veal fillet
Veal fillet

Frog: Frog legs are low in saturated fat. They are rich in nutrition with many minerals and vitamins that good for health. Frog legs are widely used in Asian cuisine as a nutritive ingredient in different healthy recipes.

Lean white meat in general

Saturated fat contained in the meat is consider one of factors caused of high risk of obesity, some cancers, heart disease, inflammatory arthritis and diabetes. Therefore tend to use white meat limiting the saturated fat is always recommended.

Not all meats in the red meat list are high in saturated fat. Otherwise not all white meats in the list are completely in very low percentage of saturated fat. So the lean white meat in general is offered as a solution to give you more choices in meat types to contribute the healthy eating plan and do not miss the taste preferences.

Lean white meat is considered the group of lean meat from all types included poultry and mammals in which there are also young and adult mammals. The arrangement in this case is base on the percentage of myoglobin and fat contained in the meat parts.

Lean white meat here are typically included breast of chicken and turkey with the skin removed; leanest cuts of meat with round and loin from mammals. These types of lean meat are in the low saturated fat.

Related to white meat list, there are still there the confusion and controversies. However considering the topics related with the viewpoint of food’s good side seems to be easier to us in choosing the good meat for healthy eating. And the list mentioned as in NutritionF is just for the purpose of rearrangement and relist the white meat types. It is implemented as a solution additionally to whom who loves to limit the confusion about white meat types to be easier in the process of setting a healthy eating plan.

You may turn to White list meat Part 1 in here. Thank you.