Food shopping – attitude and belief

Food shopping - attitude and belief

Food shopping is one of the important activities happening in each family. Depend on the need and the purpose, food shopping is not same to everyone. There are the points affected to food shopping activities beside the basic need for survival, they are finance, nutrition, food knowledge, art in cuisine, attitude, belief etc. And in this article, attitude and belief in food shopping are mentioned mainly.

Attitude in shopping food

Each person has the own attitude about something of course his or her attitudes will be included individual attitude in shopping food. The food shopping attitude is maybe base on the knowledge of food choice or food using, health situation, diet and even sometimes the attitude is affected by the social trend or prejudice.

Attitude is also one of the power sources to push somebody who decide what to buy. If a person who keep his or her attitude of consuming canned vegetable or fruit not to be good. He or she in a very long time in their life not to buy canned vegetable and fruit.

To some people, attitude related to food and food shopping are simple to define. It is possible to be formed by an event, knowledge, rumor or an advertising disappointed them. Attitude in shopping food is considered a result formatted in the short time. It is not like food shopping habits formatted after a longer time and attached with familiar activities in food shopping.

Attitude in shopping food and health

Many people who do not pay attention so much into their attitude in shopping food for health. We may be in the same case sometimes. We focus on food shopping sometimes because we like or do not like emotionally to buy the food suited our flavor, our pocket simply.

Or an attitude about food shopping is appeared only by some stable reasons related to nutrition and health. This tends not change so much and some attitude maybe become to be old or no longer justified because there are much more beneficial and fresh conclusions related to health and nutrition are updated regularly.

An very simple example is like a person who does not like canned vegetable and fruit above. He or she tends to keep always the attitude related to the canned food is not good for health. It was true in the past but not absolutely true now. Thanks to the science, engineering and technology development more and more, there are the rich good canned products included vegetable and fruit with fat free or low sodium offered in the market.

Thus we may keep some out attitude related to shopping food but they should be observed to be sure that our attitudes are useful to health suitably. If not we are easy to become conservative people who lost the opportunity to enjoy the healthy and beneficial products provided by the abundance market.

And belief in food shopping

If the attitude related to food shopping or consuming food is one of the powers pushed us to buy something, our belief will be stronger power to make us who determine in act of buying with no doubt.

Belief in food shopping in some aspects is so serious. It is easier to be a cause of conservation not to be insight. How strong belief, much affirmative action. An unbeneficial attitude in shopping food can be changed fast but the belief is not. If we are in the situation of inappropriate or unwarranted belief in food shopping, serious effects to our health may be happened.

An simple example is that a woman who consumes grain types so much and she falls into situation of diabetic while her neighbor who consumes the same grain amount but she is very healthy. The woman is advised to reduce the grain types and increase the amount of vegetable and fruit types. She does but her neighbor is not. Her neighbor keeps the belief herself in consuming grain types as normal. She does not use and even does not intend to use more vegetable and fruit as she has been. She ignores the nutrition experts’ and doctor’s advice. This woman has never reduced the grain type or increased the vegetable and fruit amount more than grain types amount while she goes out for shopping food.

Some nutrition experts give their simile of changing somebody’s belief in food shopping and consuming food, it is difficult much as to ask for changing his or her religious belief. This happens to many people not just some excepted the case that person who changes his or her attitude and belief in food shopping just because he or she fallen in concrete situation related to his or her health.

In short our attitude and belief in food shopping should be  same the case of habits in food shopping. We are better to considerate them sometimes to limit the possible disadvantages to our health.

We sometimes do not need to hold a sustainable attitude or belief related to food shopping or consuming food. We are not necessary to protect that things always in the case they are no longer suitable or threat even to our health. Attitude and belief may be not easy to be changed immediately but they once are under the consideration and think carefully, they and then are to be changed following the positive ways to our health certainly.