Fresh beans, dry beans and canned beans – what type should we choose?

Fresh beans, dry beans and canned beans – what type should we choose

Beans in general are widely used in our menu regularly by the benefits that they can bring. The bean give us good flavor, healthy contribution and richness in preparing. It is hard to ignore the advantages that the bean offer. However still there sometimes the lines between positive and negative sides and we should considerate to limit the disadvantages for health in the best way.

Fresh beans

The fresh usually is attached with the definition of good thing. We do not deny this point of course. It is same with other fresh vegetable, some fresh bean types are good for our menu by the rich nutrition. However in reality, some types after harvesting may still be contaminated with harmful bacteria, and not all types of fresh bean are supplied to customers except popular types such as green bean types, white bean etc.

The fresh beans are higher in price compared with many type of vegetable so not all home chefs who are easy to choose these food regularly for ensure the balance in their budget.

Related to flavor, many people love to use some dry form more than their fresh status because they said that these fresh forms are little bit acrid and bitter sometimes while the dry forms are not. Beside some fresh beans although may help them to save time for preparing but they can not be stored the as long as they love to.

Dry beans

Dry beans are rich in protein, fiber also vitamins and minerals. Each type gives us the advantages related to health by the nutrition that it contains. It is loved to be used by the other reasons also such as appropriated price, long time in storage, good flavor etc. It seems many dry bean types are interested by those reasons compared with fresh beans excepted the fresh beans as fresh vegetable and fruit.

The dry bean in general also make us sometimes who are not happy with. It takes always our time for cooking. Beside there are the risk of remaining pesticides and anti-termite contained that may affect to our health.

Canned beans

The first advantage that we all know about canned beans is the convenience. Each type of canned beans is easy to satisfy the consumers by this reason. Additionally the price of this product type is in different level base on the can sizes and trademarks. So we absolutely feel to be free to choose any type suit our demand even in flavor. Beside for using the canned beans, it does not take from us so much time in cooking. This is also the factor that many people highly value just because they have not so much time to be in their kitchen.

And is there existed the negative side of canned beans? Yes there is absolutely. For canning food in general, there are the preservative added. It is count out also the sodium content contained in canned food is higher than food cooked a hundred times maybe. Of course the canned bean types can not stand outside this situation.

And what we have to do now if all forms of bean that have their negative sides.

In reality, we can not ignore any types sometimes. Each consumer has his or her choice in food base on the situation. Knowing the negative sides of thing does not mean the way to remove or kick out and then but the disadvantages of all things give us the chance to control the situation better.

A simple way to bean types is that we can choose to use the local fresh beans because we know where they come from and the people who grow them up. Beside the local food usually is good in price and it is not effect so much to our budget.

To the dry form, one of best way to reduce the time of cooking and remove the remaining pesticides or anti-termite, we should be soak the dry beans for a time before cooking.

And to canned beans, it is sure that we can not remove them out from our life so we should learn how to control them. Limit consuming the canned beans if possible and try to choose the healthy products when using.

All things are under our control, our health are protected. A story of consuming beans in healthy way is ours because we are the people who write it.