Why we should soak beans before cooking?

Soak white beans

Dry beans are considered the golden source for health because they are rich in nutrition. Many people today choose some dry beans as an main ingredient in the menu for health care and weight loss. We can find out different types of them such as green beans, black beans, red beans etc. Each type can contribute in the menu list with different flavor and nutritive value. And the point of using them is that we have to soak them before cooking.

Soak the dry beans before cooking – a habit should be

Any person who usually use the dry beans for cooking, the first mission is to soak them. It becomes a habit to many house chefs. The habit is programmed related to using them. Whenever we want to prepare a dish with dry beans, it is not only the time for cooking, we have to calculate also the time to soak dry beans additionally.

Soaking dry beans sometimes is not simple to soak the beans in water but we should be paid our attention. There is the bean type needed the long time in soaking but the other types does not. And there is also the case that we may soak dry beans in the cool water if we have time, if not the warm water or hot water is used to shorten the time of soaking. Or the dry beans may be boiled for some minutes and then we soak them in the cool water or warm water.

Soak dry beans for saving the time of cooking

This is absolutely true. After soaking, they are in the status of expansion. They become softer and easier to be cooked. The time for cooking the dry beans soaked always shorter than the bean are not. Many people consider that the dry beans soaked contribute to the dishes within them to be better in flavor.

Soak the dry beans for your health

There are different reasons related to our health that dry bean soaked can bring. The advantage is easy to be realized is that if we soak the them before cooking, we make them cleaner thoroughly because the layer of dust covering the outer is removed. Beside, we can limit the amount of preservatives protected the beans from termites, even the remnant of pesticides after harvesting.

Soaking dry beans is also considered the way to eliminate oligosaccharides which is the sugar contributed to create the intestinal gas.

It is said that the advantages of soaking dry beans as above make us to think about formation of habit to soak them before cooking. However not all the time we should soak all of the types in the same way. There is always the direction of soaking each dry beans in labels for us to check. So we should read the instructions of soaking and do the step rightly.