How to plan your meals weekly

Agenda - weekly meal planning

Weekly meal planning is considered one of the necessary duties to all of us. Related to eating daily you do wonder usually with the questions such as what do I have for breakfast or what am I going to have for lunch or what will I have for dinner. There are at least three questions for us per day for what we would have for our meals, aren’t they? Even if you and I are the people who are not love to cook at home frequently, those questions could still appear sometimes.

Why we should plan for our meals?

Many people who do not high value a weekly meal planning. And even some of them who could wonder this question. It seems that daily meals are simple. So it is not serious to do with weekly meal planning. In fact, they are not simple at all.

Our inspiration for something delicious may come as a sudden in a beautiful day and therefore we decide to buy the ingredients for cooking on our way shopping. However for the daily meals, it couldn’t happen like that always. We couldn’t just go to the store or market without knowing what to buy, for thousands types of food there could swallow us up and the confusion when deciding what to choose could make us to run out of time. That is the time when we should plan for the meals. And from this moment it is recognized that the weekly meal planning is so important. When we have plan then, we could know how much would we spend, what food should be in our list and how to arrange to use them. And the result is we could not only find joy in cooking when making delicious and healthy meals but also could save money and time.

Will it hard to plan for the meals?

Weekly meal planning or meal planning in general is usually hard first but as people say that we almost go haft of the journey when we make our first step. Let try to write down your plan for a few days first: what do you want for three days meals for example, list out what you need to buy, and then go to get them and cook. Perhaps you wouldn’t go so far at the first time, but it’s alright, it’s not needed to be perfect, just experienced it. You could do better next times surely. And till then you can start with the long plan and make it to be regular with weekly meal planning.

How to plan for the meals weekly?

To do your weekly meal planning, list out your favorite dishes of the week first and how many times you intend to cook to easily arrange the schedule for cooking.

With the dish menu, you could specify what food is needed and temporary account the food budget. You should also refer your family members, or your friends, your roommates’ ideas to complete your dish list and account the reasonable food quantity and budget for the meals.

Before going to shopping, recheck your list to ensure the balance between meat, fish, fruit, egg, vegetables…for your meals.

When you have already got the needed food, clean them and arrange in the fridge as the most conveniently way for you cooking.

You could make double amount some types of sauce, stew or soup and freeze them to use later.

Nowadays, it seems that our time budget for cooking is reduced more and more. There are too much things for a day that we have to finish, and cooking is usually not our first priority. Perhaps we thought that it will take too much time to cook and besides, there would be dozen nameless works could be attached. It’s not totally wrong, but if we tried to plan our meals with weekly meal planning example, everything could be arranged reasonably and comfortably.