3 main ladders in a diet plan

3 main ladders in a diet plan

Any diet plan has its steps that may force us to comply or we can not gain the good result. Although there are suggestions related to the plans with steps in detail but not all people who can maintain their plan sustainably. So one of the guidelines which may help us to do a plan successfully is base on the main ladders before taking the steps suggested.

As in the last article related to diet plan and ladders, we have 3 main ladders mentioned. Those ladders are supposed to the important parts in a plan. Each part gathers the steps that suit with each person who has own reasonable plan. And 3 main ladders may be explained as below:

1st ladder: Be ready

A diet plan seems to be easy to us. Sometimes we just think about the changing food, menu, recipes, habit in eating or focusing on eating healthily. The fact we do the diet plan not so long as we intended or planed. Or in the truth, we failed in our plan clearly and fast. Many people who can not define the cause of failure in their plan even if they do the right steps advised, this is time we have to think again how we could be ready before or how we started a plan without readiness.

Be ready in thought

Thinking carefully in any work is important. This idea is applied rightly throughout our diet plan, even if the plan is very simple. So make your plan into a strategy with specific analysis base on the hobbies, healthy food, reasonable menus, affordable food, time, work even local food source and prestigious food stores near you. The analytical thought will contribute and ensure your plan in the most favorable way.

Be ready for action

The diet plan always is closed with changing of habits in eating and preferences in food. You do any plan, your previous hobbies and habit can be changed even if the changes sometimes affect your pocket and convenience.

You do a plan it means some details may happen not same with your expectation or you have to give up something to choose the other things to match the plan in the best way. So you are ready and in the case  you have to change your habit or hobbies, it is easier for you to accept. The changes in the reality do not make you to be confused or uncomfortable so much if they were predictable.

2nd ladder: For beginning  

If you are ready for a diet plan, try to respect the first steps in the plan. The start could be a solid base for your long term plan later. And in this ladder, the most important thing is to test you yourself with a week plan. Although it is a tested short plan but try to do it in the best you can. Set a goal, arrange the menu, focus on healthy food, try to create the balance between the food that you like and do not like. Arrange the time for preparing food, recheck your food list and food stores located near you etc.

The test plan is very useful. It will help you to learn how to set a goal in diet plan, recognize the more reasonable menus and food consumed than before. Trail week plan may give the experiences to start the long plan effectively. Moreover the test also helps you to understand you yourself better in the case you have a plan for eating. It also help you to limit the failure for a long plan later.

3rd ladder: Maintaining – expanding – maintaining and so on

A trail week plan may give you experiences to set a longer diet plan suitably. From now on you may have an official plan with clear steps for longer period. 3rd ladder in the diet plan is the time for maintaining and expanding the plan.

Maintain the plan by rules of control and commitment

It is true. To maintain the plan, you need to control the situations that may happen and affect to your plan. You also need to commit to you yourself and your plan which was set. The commitment is same with the responsibility from you to the plan started.

It is said that the control and commitment in the diet plan are considered the important rules that you have to apply. These rules help you to ensure the long term stably with advantages attached.

Expand the plan by relationship and support

You may set any diet plan for you yourself but it may become a bored plan without any relationship. This point is possible to be one of the factors that contributes your early failure. The relationship in the plan may be created with your friends, colleagues, diet or nutrition experts. Their knowledge, experiences even advice are the valued things that may motivate you, give you the enthusiasm to continue your plan actively.

Maintaining and expanding the diet plan are repeated through the time you do your diet plan. Once expansion is once refreshed your plan. So any plan that you take can not defeat you by the dissatisfaction or inefficient situations.