Limit in potatoes


Potatoes are a very popular type of food which is consumed around the world. This food is known as a nutritional vegetable with numbers of nutrients such as vitamins (B, C…), minerals (iron, zinc, potassium, folate…).

Potatoes are also known for their high carbohydrate level. This food is joined regularly in varieties of dishes around the world. As mentioned in the article potatoes is toxic but not poison, we know that besides the advantages, there is also some limitation of potatoes that we should note to use them as food as the best way. And the limitation is mentioned more details such as:

Limitation in the way of cooking

Although a healthy vegetable and there are also thousands of ways to cook potatoes, but to highly maintain it nutrition content, steaming and baking are recommended than other ways. Besides, to reduce the level of fat, the attach ingredients as butter, cheese…or too much spices are not recommended.

The limit of popular ingredients (as mentioned) which are usually attached with potatoes could reduce the attraction of the dish. However, we could still account them reasonably as well as combine other healthy spices to increase the flavor of the dish while still ensuring its nutrition level.

Limitation in storage

The potato tuber is the part of the plant which is less toxicity among the other parts. It is safe to use as food. But for the tuber specification: potato tuber is actually part of the stem and grown underground, it could still continue the photosynthetic process if stored under the sunlight. The tuber then will sprout, the potato skin around will turn green and toxic as well and is not good to consume.

The fridge is not a good place to store potato. The cold temperature could reduce flavor, aroma and color of this tuber.

The storage of potato limits in a dry and cool place, especially avoid the sunlight (except we want to plant it). That is the way we could keep this food safe and healthy to eat.

Although there are some inconvenient point of storing potatoes, but if we keep them as right way as well as check out the storing often, we will keep this food fresh in couple of weeks to month.

Limitation in nutrition content

Besides rich in nutrients, potatoes are listed as high glycemic index (GI) and they are also believed to join in the affection of blood sugar. They also cause gas pain, allergy and inflammation to some people. These symptoms have not proven completely, but they still appear and effect to number of consumer.

However, this limitation could be controlled by a reasonably diet which balance potatoes and other types food to make the meals to become healthier and safer.