Milk and disadvantages

Milk and disadvantages

We all know that milk is one of the most popular foods in our daily life. It holds numbers of nutrients and consuming it also brings numbers of advantages to our health. The nutrients of it as protein, vitamins, minerals…or advantages as helpfulness to the bones and the development of children, provide the needed substances to different ages…are widely known. However, it is not a perfect food. It also contains the disadvantages that we should be noted.


Nowadays, milk is mostly provided from the cow’s farms. The point is the cow’s diet is usually added some substances that are not helpful to human health, especially the hormones. The additions which are added to cow’s diet to increase the quantity of it could also increase the disease risks to human. Although there are not specific evidences could prove that the cow’s diet could affect to the quality and cause disease, but this matter tend to be the concerning to the consumers more and more.

Allergies and disease risks

Some consumers especially the children could get allergy by the protein in milk and may have symptoms as rashes, itches or hard breathing when consume it. The fatal is rare but possibly.

Besides, the sensitiveness to lactose in it is also acknowledged. The subjects of this matter are usually children, and they will be offered lactose free milk in school diet to avoid this trouble.

There are also researches consider that consuming it for large amount and in long time could increase  prostate’s cancer risk and some other cancer risks but the evidences are still limited.


Besides the disadvantages that are mentioned, the idea of increasing osteoporosis risk by consuming milk also appears often. It is believed that the more amount milk and milk products we consume, the high level of protein from them will confuse the pH balance of our body, and the calcium could run out of the bone to fix this. That’s when we could get osteoporosis.

It is also said we are only suitable with our mom breast milk, and other mammals are too, we don’t need to be feed by other mammals’ milk after be finished feeding milk from our mother. For after this period, our body will stop producing enzyme lactase to solve the lactose in milk. However, this idea has got objection and is considered as non scientific evidences.

In a word, the disadvantages of milk are still in argument. When there are researches mention negative points of it, other researches will negate them. And the battle could never end, not only for it, but also for every types of foods. Therefore the experience for us who are consumers that we try to balance food used daily, know the other sides of food to control the situations. This way helps us to gain the benefits from food in the best way and limit the negative sides to protect our health.