Typical rice names for you

White rice and parboiled rice

Related to rice, you may see that the white rice is the most popular. Anywhere from you local market to the markets in any countries, the white rice is in the top of the grain list. White rice is so simple grain but contains the very long list of name itself.

And in the last article about the plentiful rice types some aspects related to rice in general, the types also white rice were mentioned. In this article, the rice types again are mentioned with the typical names that are widely consumed and traded nowadays (mostly the rice type mentioned belong to Oryza savita or Asian rice). It in some way may be useful if you are looking for a rice type or rice name for your planning meal or changing your taste.

Brown rice

Brown rice
Brown rice

Brown rice is considered the most complete rice for consuming. After harvesting, the rice is removed just its husk (or hull). The bran layer and germ are maintained so the nutrients contained in the grain are preserved mostly.

Brown rice is one of the best grains for health. However the time for storage this type is not so long as other types because the rich nutritive outer is easy to be damaged by termites and weevils.

Brown rice has different lengthen and shape forms included long, medium or short grain. And it may be basmati or jasmine types. Brown rice also has different textures such as soft or hard, sticky or not. However the time for cooking is longer than some other types and it is needed to add more water to cook than some other types. To shorten the time of cooking and increase the good status of this rice, it is advised to soak the rice in the water from 5-7 minutes before cooking.

Brown rice is chosen as a dish for daily menu. It helps to contribute the health by the rich nutrition. Some types of brown rice are chosen to make desert or wine by the sweetness and stickiness. These types have usually the long or short form in grain with the opaque status more than other brown rice.

There are some specific name related to brown rice such as American long grain brown rice; short grain brown rice or long grain brown rice that come from different countries; sweet brown rice with sticky texture and sweetness compared with the normal brown rice. Sweet brown rice has the short or medium form and opaque status in grain. The type is used for making wine in some countries in Southeast Asia.

Parboiled rice

After the brown rice, parboiled rice is also high valued because of the nutrition contained. After harvesting, the grain in the husk is soaked in hot water, steamed and dried. And then the husk is removed by milling. The nutritive value contained in the parboiled rice is about 80% compared with brown rice. It is more than the nutrition found out from all white rice types. So, parboiled rice is also the good choice for health and healthy eating.

You can find in the market different name of parboiled rice such as Indian parboiled rice, Indian long grain parboiled rice, Long grain yellow parboiled rice, Thai parboiled rice etc.

White rice

White rice is the most popular rice types in both consuming and trading. The grain is removed the bran and germ. It has the process of milling and polishing. Thanks to the removing outer, the time for storage of white rice is longer than other types and it is also useful for transport. Beside the polishing process makes the grain to be bright and nice. It attracts the consumers’ look more than other types.

White rice has different types included long or medium or short grain. It also has different textures such as soft, hard, sticky a little bit, moist, dry or porous etc. White rice is easy to be used and cooked. However the nutrition contained in the grain is not much as brown rice and parboiled rice.

There are some popular name related to white rice widely used in the market such as American long grain white rice that grown in America; Japanese style rice with the medium form in grain, opaque status a little bit, sticky in texture a little bit and used widely in making sushi; Bomba rice with medium and short form in grain, it is grown in Spain and used popularly in Spanish classic paella; Arborio rice with short form in grain and sticky a little bit in texture, the rice is grown in Italy, it is used popularly in making risotto; Calrose, U.S Della, Delrose, Delmont are the name rice in The U.S. They are fragrant rice with medium and long form in grain. It is tender, sticky a little bit and used widely in the U.S

Red rice

Red rice has itself the reddish brown bran by the anthocyanin contained. This type is not popular such as brown rice. The time for growing is usually longer than other types and it develop suitably in some areas. That is the reason why it is limit in the amount although it is high valued in the nutrition.

Red rice is usually hard a little bit with dry and porous texture. It needs much more water when cooking than normal rice such as white rice types. And in some countries the red rice is considered the pink one because the low percentage of the anthocyanin contained in the bran.

Related to red rice, you may find out in the market the Himalayan red rice and Colusari red rice. Himalayan red rice comes from Indian and Colusari red rice comes from the Sacramento Valley in The U.S. Beside; the red rice is also grown in some towns in Vietnam. However the red rice in these places is brighter in color as pink than the Himalayan red rice and Colusari red rice. Red rice in general is good in flavor and good for health by the rich nutrition contained.

Purple rice, Black rice and Forbidden rice

Purple rice or black rice is the rice with its dark color. It is called the name as Forbidden rice because this type was for kings in the foretime. It was considered the precious rice because of the special dark color, sweetness, stickiness. Beside the type is rich in nutrition. The rice is also considered the natural medicine today when it is found out the usefulness in preventing some disease such as heart disease.

Purple rice comes from Thailand and Vietnam mostly and black rice is from China mainly. The type is also grown in some other countries in Southeast Asia and Asia but with the narrow cultivated land. This type is used in cooking as an ingredient for dessert recipes and wine.

There is also the black rice grown in The U.S. It is called U.S Black Japonica. It is fragrant with the dark bran. It is sweet and slightly chewy after cooking.

Basmati rice

It is one of the most popular rice types in the market today. Basmati rice comes from India and Pakistan mainly. The rice has the long form in grain, opaque status a little bit. It is fragrant rice with dry and hard texture. So it is advised to be soaked into the water for some minutes before cooking.

Basmati rice is widely cooked in many kitchens in the world. In the market you are easy to find out the name such as Indian basmati rice, Pakistan basmati rice, The U.S basmati rice and some other. It seems the basmati is attached with the name of country where it comes from.

Jasmine rice

Together with basmati rice, jasmine rice is also the popular rice types. It is used widely in many countries in the world by the tender, fragrance and stickiness a little bit. The jasmine rice seems to be contained the neutral features from many rice types. It is easy to cook and lovely to enjoy or combine with other ingredients to make a great meal.

Jasmine rice is known with the popular name such as Thai jasmine rice and Vietnamese jasmine rice. However there are some other names in the market but two names as above are more popular.

Sticky rice

Sticky rice is easy to recognize by opaque status in grain and very sticky in texture after cooking. Sticky rice may be brown rice, purple rice and black rice. There is also the sticky rice is polished after milling but still there the specific opaque status contained in the bran and grain.

It is same with jasmine rice, the name of the sticky rice are usually attached with the area where it grown such as Thai long grain sticky rice, Thai short grain sticky rice, Vietnam glutinous rice with long grain or medium grain, Hoa Vang sticky rice ( yellow sticky rice) etc.

Broken rice (100% broken rice)

In the last but not least, broken rice is widely used in cooking. Broken rice may be one of all types as above. It is the product after milling not by seeding. Broken rice is considered the smallest form in shape of grain by the broken status. It may be fragrant or not, sticky or not, soft or tender or dry etc.

The popular name related to broken rice in the market is found such as Thai broken white rice, 100% white broken rice, 100% broken long grain white rice, 100% broken rice manufacturer in India, basmati 100% broken rice etc.