How to choose the rice type for using?

Japanese rice with medium grain for sushi

There are the rich types of rice in which the white rice mainly supplied to the market. It may be difficult a little bit if you have to choose one type to consume without any specific criteria. So there are some suggestions that may help you to find the appropriated rice types such as:

Nutritive needs

You may see the white rice is so popular in the list of grain. However not all types have the same nutritive value contained. The highest point in rice using is the nutrient conservation. And if you are concerning mostly about the nutritive value and health, the best suggestion for you is to choose the brown rice with the outer existed. The brown rice is not attracted you by the appearance such as the rice polished with the brightness but the brown rice is high valued in the rich nutrition more than polished rice.

In reality, it is difficult to find out the completed grain rice after harvesting without cleaning but it exists in the market with the small volume to response the need, especially the local rice. So, if there is the brown rice is supplied in your local market, use it for your health with the highest quality.

The point is that, the natural rice without removing outer is unstable for long time in storage. The rich nutritive outer is the cause of damaging easily by the termites. Thus, you need to preserve it in the good condition and appropriate temperature.

One point to pay attention related to brown rice is that there are normal brown rice and sticky one. They have different level in the brown color and the sticky brown rice types have usually the opaque status in grain more than the normal.

After brown rice, parboiled rice is a good choice with about 80% of nutritive value from the origin grain preserved if it is compared with brown rice. Parboiled rice is more popular than brown rice in the market.

For favor and taste

White rice with the aroma in different level; good texture; and different length and shape are used widely. The source with different types depends on the local market offered. And you can choose one of them to suite your taste with the softness, brightness, dry or moist texture etc. The market rice in each scale always ensures the good taste to all. It is also easy to be cooked and combined in the preparing different dishes. However the white rice is the polished rice mostly, so the nutritive value is not preserved perfectly such as in the parboiled rice or brown rice.

For special dishes

Sticky rice with long grains for rice cake boiled
Sticky rice with long grains for rice cake boiled

Base on the dishes with some special features in preparing, the sticky rice is used in the priority. If you love to create the shape for dishes or the dishes that you can decorate in it, sticky rice is the good choice. Thanks to the sticky texture, the sticky rice after cooking can be shaped in the warm status. And when it turns to be cool, the shape is kept sustainably.

Sticky rice is also rich in types but it is no so difficult for you to recognize. The white sticky rice is the most popular type with the opaque status in grain. The grain form may be long or short. Thus, the color rice such as brown rice, purple rice or black rice is usually sticky. However the red or pink rice has the stickiness less than other types, so it arranged in the normal list such as some normal brown rice (not sticky types).

And what are the typical names of rice that you may refer?

Related to the list with some typical rice names widely is used today, it will be mentioned in the next article. So please continue here to find out the rice name for using if you concern. Thank you.