Meat floss – simple and complicated

Meat floss

Meat recipes in which there is meat floss easily attract you by its special status. If smoked meat is very popular in Europe or The U.S, meat floss is very familiar in Asia. You may find out in the Asian stores everywhere, the meat floss packages are displayed with the simple status and complicated.

Meat recipes give you different the creation from the kitchens with the plentiful flavor. This is proved by the list of meat products and processed meat you may see in the stores. Even you may choose so fast one of them to serve yourself together other ingredients in the breakfast, lunch or dinner without your hesitation. Meat floss is in the same case with many people from Asia and many people who love Asian foods.

Where does meat floss come from? 

It is said that meat floss comes from China. It is also called rousing. In Europe and The U.S, “rousing” is more simple with the name of meat floss or pork floss etc. The name is described rightly and simply with the status of the meat torn as floss.

In China, meat floss is a familiar processed meat to families. It is eaten with white rice porridge, congee. In some other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, etc, meat floss is used together with cakes, bread etc. Commonly, the combination between meat floss and other dishes are familiar without any rules or constraint. It depends completely on the chefs or the flavor that people love to have.

Is it easy to make meat floss?

In the meat recipes, meat floss is not so difficult to make. It is able to be made at home. And it is not requested the complicated steps or a strict cycle as in some other processed meat products. The main ingredient in meat floss is fresh and raw lean pork. It is cut into species, cooked with spices. Then the meat species are torn and fry to be dry.

Meat floss is considered one of the processed meats with the special feature to contribute to your plate interestingly. Beside, meat floss is used to decorate in the dish to make it to be more attractive. Furthermore, there are now the cake types with meat floss as a main ingredient.

So you may see meat floss is the simple processed meat with the complicated status. It is easy to make us to feel the complicacy maintained. However the true is not.

Consume meat floss

Meat floss in the meat recipes and processed meat is same with pate, sausage and smoked meat. It has a processing and to be preserved as a dry meat. It helps you to keep meat longer than fresh products. It does sometimes not need to be kept cold but cool. However, you are always to be advised not to consume so much processed meats in which meat floss to protect your heath better.

It is possible to be used meat floss as a favor or the way of renewing your taste but you should choose the new product and use it just in some days. Do not keep meat floss so long even it does not show any sign of damage. One of the best ways to use meat floss is that you may make it at home and you can control completely the quality without any worries.