Ham in the food list


Ham recipe is concerned strongly in the modern cooking. It is a popular type of processed meat which is originated and used in the Europe and now also in many areas. In the old days, when people still didn’t have the facilities to keep food for long, it was usually smoked, cured or salted, and ham was among the products that produced as the same way.


Before to have what a ham recipe, knowing a little bit about ham in detail – it is interesting question for exploring one more small part in cuisine. Ham is mostly made from the hind leg of the swine. The raw leg would be covered by sea salt then hung up for drying or smoking. The dried ham is mostly from the southern Europe where the weather’s condition is suitable for drying. For the cold and wet areas, the meat will be smoked than dried in order to avoid mold to the meat.

The ham could also made by brining the pork leg to be submerged for 3-14 days which is called wet curing. During this time, the immersion of the meat must be ensured and also the mixture salty liquid has to be agitated. The ham this way will increase the weight when finished.

During the process, other ingredients are also added to increase the flavor of the ham. They could be spices, herbs, sugar or others depend on the types, the tradition and area’s culture.

Nowadays, for the wet curing, the manufacturer could use needles and curing mechanically to shorten the produced time. This solution helps to complete the process quicker, and also distribute the salt over the meat more evenly than the brining.

Ham as food

Ham contains number of nutrients as protein, vitamin and minerals and is used popularly with some types of fast foods as hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, or other dishes.

It could be ready to eat or not, depends on the production process, and mostly guided on the packages or labels. It is same with other types of processed meat like sausage or pate and so on, before consuming this product, we should refer the instruction for using and storage from the pack carefully to avoid the poisoning may cause.

Although contains level of nutrition content and has a tasty as well as specific flavor, but like other types of processed meat, ham also includes high level of fat, sodium and cholesterol. That the reason why we are advised not to consume this product regularly.