Turkey meat in our life

Turkey meat in our life

Turkey recipe seems to be very familiar with many people. Turkey in general (domesticated turkey) is type of poultry meat which is used widely in the west cuisine, especially holidays as Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is also popular as food in family meals.


Turkey is large poultry which weight could be up to 20 kg for turkey-cock and 4-5 kg for turkey-hen. Turkey is easy to feed. Their food is mostly grass, bean, cereal and vegetable. They are usually farmed in the field or pasture.

Although turkey-hen possibly gives eggs, but the egg collection is not popular, for they are mostly farmed for meat, and the whole turkey is always in high demand.

Turkey breast meat

Turkey recipe commonly is high in nutrition content, especially protein. The protein level in turkey is considered higher than other types of meat (100 g roast turkey provides about 28 g of protein while roast chicken is about 25 g, beef is about 23 g…).

Like chicken, in the white meat list, turkey are mentioned as food included both parts with white and dark meat. It is believed that the turkey recipe may be affect to human health in positive or negative ways. The wing and thigh are darker than the breast, but actually the difference of nutrition from these parts is small.

The turkey breast meat is nutritional white meat and cold be served separately to other parts of turkey. But as usual, the turkey is roasted or baked and eaten whole in the meal.

Turkey breast and whole as food

Related to turkey recipe for healthy eating plans, turkey breast is advised to be consumed than other parts. Turkey breast meat is white and contains low level of fat. A 100 g of breast without skin holds about 3.53 g fat. Other parts as thigh (skinless) will provide about 7 g of fat. This variance is not too much. And as mentioned, turkey is normally served whole to the meals.

Turkey and holidays

A stuffed roasted or baked turkey with spices and sauces, pudding is popular turkey recipe to the western countries in Thanks Giving and Christmas. The origination of consuming turkey is not clearly but some reasons could lead us to understand why turkey is served usually in the important holidays.

Firstly, turkey is farmed from spring to autumn, and the holidays at the end of the year is suit to consume this food.

Secondly, turkey price is reasonably, and its size is suitable for the big party.

Thirdly, this food is easy to cook. We could prepare other dishes while baking or roasting turkey. Turkey recipes are rich with different recipes which do not challenged whom who cook it.

Finally, and the most important reason is turkey is considered as symbol of comfort and very suitable to the special occasions when members of families gathered and spent time together.