Chicken breast meat – smart food choice for your health

Chicken breast meat with potatoes

Chicken is considered the most popular white meat in the poultry list. Among the parts, besides containing the high level of protein, chicken breast is also lowest in myoglobin (a substance which causes the meat red or not) level. Without skin, this part of chicken is a healthy food especially to people who desires in gymnastic.

Chicken breast meat and nutrition

There is the short information related to this white meat about nutrition that we all can handle. Breast chicken meat (without skin) is the part which contains less fat and cholesterol the most compared with other parts of chicken. It is considered consisting white meat only.

100g of chicken breast (without skin) contains about 110 calories, 23-24g protein, 1.24g (2% of daily value) fat and number of other nutrients and minerals (such as potassium, iron, vitamin C, calcium, sodium, cholesterol…)

Chicken breast as food

Chicken breast meat without skin is one of the most popular white meat in the white meat list for health today. It is easy to cook. It takes not so much time to cook. It is easy to be combined with many other healthy food to make a perfect plate both in nutrition and art in cooking. Many home chefs use chicken breast meat as a gradual ingredient in the healthy plan for whole family by the advantages that the meat may give.

To cook the chicken breast meat, there are thousands of recipes that using chicken breast as a main ingredient for you to concern. This white meat is used with popular recipes as fried, boiled, stewed, skewed, or combined with other foods to make sausages, curries, salads…

Chicken breast meat is also considered the healthy food in the case it is an ingredient in fast food menus. The choice of chicken breast meat without skin from the fast food list is high value as a good resolution in the case we have to or love to enjoy fast food. It still riches in flavor, make us to be satisfied with fast food. It ensures a certain part related to health and does not affect so much to our healthy diet plans.

The dishes with white meat like chicken breast meat are varieties, but the healthiest way of eating this meat is considered to be boiled and removed the skin always. This way of eating is especially popular for the dietary and people who are in gymnastic.

Chicken breast is usually combined with sweet potato, tomato and less sugar fruits to the balanced diet effectively and safely.