Make your meal planning as art in cuisine and enjoyment

Food art and enjoyment

Eating is not for only survival or nutrition, it is also included the art factor and enjoyment. So our meal planning also need two elements such as art and enjoyment. They are the elements to bring the excitement in eating and please our taste. They also help us to maintain meal planning as a long term plan.

What we do to have the artistic feature in meal planning?

We all know how important a meal planning for health. We base on the criteria of nutrition, good food and good ingredients for meal. For the next step we plan the budget. We always keep our eyes to all the labels etc. We plan and we watch and we are assured. Someday the meal plan is broken suddenly. Our meal planning was blowing in the wind and we do not understand how could it be while we had done all things in the line.

If the case is happened like that it is the time we need to add the factors like art and enjoyment in the meal planning. However it is not easy to complete without the patience and learning.

Combine ingredients in cooking ingeniously

In the meal planning, appropriate ingredients combined together will contribute to the delicious dishes. There are two things may decide the combination to be successful such as natural ability and learning.

If you are very skillful in the kitchen, you are luck because you may learn everything fast even you may create well. However not all of us who      are gifted on cooking when we were born. Most of us to wish to cook well and know how to combine the appropriate ingredients from the rich food world for nutritive and delicious dishes, we have to learn.

Understanding more about food, we have more chance to do better this mission.

Learn techniques

Cooking techniques are also important. There are different ways to cook a dish be better but there are also the principles related to cooking techniques. We may learn those techniques and practice in our kitchen. This way helps us to handle the techniques and apply them for the recipes that we want to cook in our meal planning.

A simple example such as reducing the fishy smell from the seafood, the lemon juice or vinegar are mixed in the water for washing it before cooking. Or to have a good dish with poultry meat, some types of spices are used additionally such as five spices, curry, onion, garlic, ginger etc. Or for cooking some fish fillet types or shrimps or prawns, the time for cooking is just for some minutes while the time for cooking some dish with poultry is longer from more than ten of minutes to several hours.

It is said that cooking techniques contribute not only our better dishes but also the more delicious dishes we have and then. Beside cooking techniques may help us to conquer the rich recipes related to good food or favorite ingredients that we concern about.

Decorate our plates

If a taste of a dish is the content, the good decoration is considered its cover. Good decoration of a plate is always persuade people by the sight. Thus, whether a meal is planned it is needed to be decorated. If not we will not feel to be attractive when the meal is served.

Decoration in cuisine is not also attractive our eyes but also a section that show the ingenuity, our appreciation for ourselves through the meal. We of course do not have to concentrate too much in the decoration for a dish or meal, especially we do not have time for doing that in the case of rush hours or works when we have to finish our meal fast for going out. Decoration for a dish or meal in meal planning sometimes is just simple that we arrange the food intake on our plates skillfully, tidy.

Cooking and manner

It is very clearly that the same dish with the same ingredients but we find out that it in the restaurant is always better and tastier than it is prepared at home. A factor that contributes to a dish like that is thanks to chefs’ manner in their work.

If we have a chance to know how the chefs work in the kitchens, we may recognize how manner is important in the cooking and for delicious dishes. The chefs work with their enthusiast, meticulous and careful way in food. They notice in each ingredient, carefully select them for dish, considerate the spices and they are very cautious in combining the ingredients also how to cook them in the best way.

We of course were not the chefs from the restaurant but we absolutely may learn from them the manner of cooking in the kitchen. We learn to ensure the food served is invested carefully in aspects instead of the case that rushing a dish or a meal for end.

Learn the manner of chefs in their kitchens and then the food we cook with our care and understanding is to be tastier.


As mentioned in the beginning of this article, eating is not only for survival or only for health but also for enjoyment. Enjoyment is also the factor to contribute a meal plan to be sustained without being bored or broken.

Enjoyment in meal planning is pleased by different ways such as cooking familiar food in different ways, combining the good ingredients with our favorite ingredients to make the balance for favorite meal contained nutritive value as requested.

Meal planning sometimes makes us to think that we have to remove some ingredients or some dishes that we like out off the list we should have. It is not true always and it does not absolutely force us to do that all the time except some serious situation of health.

For example, shrimps or prawns are good for health because they are rich protein, vitamins and minerals but they are also high in cholesterol. If you are in the high cholesterol situation, it does not mean you have to remove completely them out off your menu always. If you like to have them in the menu, this is possible and acceptable with the notice that it should be suitable consumption of them and with the amount under control. At the same time, you should combine the other rich alkaline dishes to balance the meal.

So meal planning is expected not to be limited in the nutrition requires for health or eating plans or budget. It should be noticed with other factors such as art in culinary and enjoyment. Those typical factors may help to maintain the meal planning for the long terms in a sustainable way and of course they also help to create the enthusiasm and excitement in the plans.