Planning the meal weekly – Does it break up your food preferences?


We all know how meal planning that is good for our health. A healthy planning may be weekly meal planning or planning for a month even for a certain period. Many people patiently follow their tight meal plans but some are afraid that the weekly meal planning or the monthly meal planning could break their food preferences.

In reality a weekly meal planning is not so difficult to build up to us but the point is that how we can keep going with the meal planning always without the boring meals repeated. A weekly meal planning followed the rules must make us to feel uncomfortable. And sometimes we worry the meal planning that could destroy our favor in food even if the plan has not been started yet.

Does it break up your food preferences a weekly meal planning?

It does absolutely in the cases such as:

  • Worry so much about the weekly meal planning
  • Expect too much on a weekly plan.
  • Make the budget so tight.
  • Set up a weekly meal planning which is not based on a consistent basis.
  • Change regularly the criteria.
  • Do not have any major criteria.

How to keep our weekly meal planning and our food preferences together without boring status?

  • Define the list of favorite food. Choose the top of favorite food. List the rest of food at the rate of interest descended.
  • Define the health status.
  • Check the budget for a week.
  • Test a meal plan for a week as an example to check the ability to balance 3 factors as above.
  • Rich the menu with your favorite food by learning how to prepare them in different ways, different cooking styles and even how they are used in different cuisines.
  • Learn how to manage your favorite food combined with the ingredients which are good for health even if you do not like. Start with the small amount till the time you are familiar with these ingredients. And then you may make them right in amount used from the recipes learned.

Weekly meal planning sometimes is not so easy as you think. Or it even could be failed after a short period you did. And weekly meal planning in some cases is does not stop at the line to break your food preference up, it may bring the opposite effect to your health and pocket.

Therefore, to be patient. Try to test and find out the most suitable plan for you yourself. You also need to update regularly about nutrition and food, understand about them more and more each day. Save your time for reading and learning about the recipes and way of cooking. Pay attention at the stores around or how rich the local food source. The knowledge and information you have, will help you to build up and keep going in the weekly meal planning for sustainable status, healthy benefits, fitting your budget and without making you bored or breaking your food preferences easily.