Peanut allergy

Peanut_peanut allergy

Knowing food and knowing food allergy are also the good ways for our healthy living. Mention about food allergy, it is said that peanut allergy is one of the very popular situations in food consuming that we may meet.

In our daily life, among bean and pea (Fabaceae) family, peanut and its products are too familiar in our kitchen and meals. However, this food is also known for causing allergy to some consumers with different levels from the simple to serious grades. Allergy from peanut is commonly and could become serious problem for it could lead our body to sock even death.

What is peanut allergy?

There are many types of food allergy and peanut allergy is one of them. It is rather popular, especially in the west. For example the rate of allergy relates to peanut is about 0.6% population of the U.S.

People who has peanut allergy will react when consuming peanut or the food which includes peanut. The level of reaction and the risk depends on each situation. The allergy symptom that easy to recognize are from light itchiness, the appearance of urticaria, facial swelling, vomiting, getting colic and diarrhea, the appearance of asthma to cardiac arrest. Some serious cases could even get the anaphylaxis.

The apparent of peanut allergy low or fast also depends. The more soon the symptom appears after contacting peanut, the more dangerous we will get. And the hardest affection is cardiac arrest and anaphylaxis.

Why we get peanut allergy?

Some researches mentioned that the consuming peanut in the pregnancy of non peanut allergy women could lead their children to get allergy. There are also some other researches which supposed the causes of this food allergy. However till now, the exact reason of peanut allergy is still not answered.

Commonly, the peanut allergy is more popular in the west than the east. Perhaps the living condition, the environment and many other unknown reasons cause peanut allergy that we have to spend more time to find out.

How to face with peanut allergy?

As mentioned, it is hard to know we could get allergy by peanut or not, but we could check out before consuming this seed for healthy living.

We can answer some question when we intent to consume peanut:

  • Did we get allergy with any types of food or nuts and seeds before?
  • Did our family member of our relative get allergy?

If the answer is yes, we should be more careful with peanut. And to shorten the risk, here are the things we could and should do:

  • Go to the doctor to take an allergy test if possible. After the test we could get the advising for using food safer.
  • Always check the ingredients of food before using.
  • Always inform the allergy situation to the chefs if we eat outside.

If our answers are no and we have not got the allergy before, it’s great, but for healthy living and safe in food using, we still need to be careful with the strange food or the food that we have enjoyed the first time. It is useful for us to avoid peanut allergy particularly and food generally.