Red meat is wrong?

Red meat in a plate

There are many healthy lifestyle blogs today. They show you how to live healthy and warn you the things you should avoid to use to protect your health. And among the food you are to be warned, it is sure that red meat there is.

Related to the topic of red meat from the healthy lifestyles blogs, you may meet the information with specific data or the evident that try to convince you not to use red meat in the case you care your health seriously.

Among the warnings in the healthy lifestyle blogs, perhaps red meat is always a hot topic that is mentioned regularly. In our daily menu with list of varieties food, red meat seems to be received much favor than other foods by the regular mentioning. Although there are always two sides of argument about red meat, the warning of harmfulness of red meat seems running faster.

So, the question is: red meat is wrong?

We all know that the technology has developed more and more, and the scientists have been provided the best facilities to research of everything, and of course food would be in the top priorities. That is why we have been familiar with their results and wonder what will be warned on the newspapers tomorrow. Each day people rise and shine, take a newspaper and visit one of the healthy lifestyle blogs, red meat again maybe in the top of warning to harm human health. Then many people may be run way from their plates with red meat and try to shake it off like a nightmare.

In fact, the nutrition content of red meat with number of good vitamins and minerals, especially rich protein source is undeniable. Red meat is like any other healthy foods, will be good when we use reasonably and equitably. There will be nothing good if we use too much.

We could know that when humans started the gathering-hunting life style, they had known to use meat as food, and use it a lot. Through time, the evidences have shown us that they were healthy. Perhaps because in the ancient time, everything was pure, animals ate grasses, plants and other creature. There was nothing to interfere to the environment except nature and the food source of humans was really healthy.

But it doesn’t happen like that these days. For the living condition is different now. Everything is industrialized even food source for livestock, or if they are feed by grass or plants the unexpected substances would be contained by the industrial farming.

Besides, to meet the demand of human, there is not only meat but also processed meat was produced. We could account many types of them as sausage, bacon, smoked meat, salted meat, pate, canned meat…These processed meats contain high level of sodium, nitrate, chemicals and the processing at high temperature will changed these substances into harm. The consuming in large amount or regularly in long time the varieties types of those processed meat increase the illness risk to our body.

As consumers, the way of consuming red meat is important for it could help you to become healthier or unhealthy. If you got a bar of pure red meat but cooked as wrong way (grill directly or let it burn…), it still became harmful. Or if you have a small amount of meat but with high level of fat and sodium, it’s not good either…

All the above ideas still couldn’t help us to answer properly the mentioned question: Red meat is wrong or not! For the red meat (itself) is good, but as a long journey from producing to consuming, there are many factors that could turn this food into good or bad affection. It depends much on our way and choice.

The alarm for red meat typically and food generally is still ringing to warn us everyday though the healthy lifestyle blogs. But by our knowledge, arrangement and plan for health, we could change the question from “Is red meat wrong” to “Could we make red meat to be right” and apply to other food in our list. Thus we could control our food the most effectively and healthily.