Rice to health and disease prevention


Rice in rice recipe is popularly known as one of the staple food of the world. It’s widely cultivated and used as an important food source around the world especially in Asia countries. This grain is a rich source of carbohydrates, an important organic substance to our body and brain. Besides it also contains high level of other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are helpful to our health.

Benefits of rice

Rice is rich in carbohydrates (about 79g/ 100g served), fiber (about 1.3g/ 100g served), protein (about 7.13g/ 100g served), vitamins (B1, 2, 3, 5, 6…), minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc…).

The level of nutrition in rice brings us number of benefits which the most important one is providing carbohydrates – energy source to our activities.

Consuming rice with different rice recipes is also helpful in lowering blood pressure, increasing digestive quality and immune system health.

In the market, there are varieties types of rice and the level of nutrition is also different from types. And in the rice recipe, you may find out many good recipes. We could know the most popular one is white rice which has been processed to suit with the market demand (transportation, storage and consuming), thus the nutrition content of this type is reduced much through the processing. But besides, there are other types which very nutritional. These types are mostly colored and less popular than white rice but high value. We could account brown rice, red rice, purple rice or even black rice. These types themselves are high in nutrition content. Besides, after harvested, they have been mostly removed the hulk only, the bran layer and germ where most of the nutrients are concentrated are still maintained. When they are consumed, the nutrients would be used up completely.

Those special types of colored rice which were mentioned above could bring us higher level of benefits than the normal one (as white rice). Beside the general benefits which usually come from rice, they are also believed to be helpful in reducing cholesterol (especially brown rice), preventing heart disease and colon cancer (especially black rice). When combined with other healthy foods to the diets, the efficiency of rice would be increase more and more and could be considered as natural medicine to our health.

How to consume rice as the best way

Rice runs popularly as staple food to many areas. It used to be used for quantity than quality, especially in developing areas. However, consuming a large amount of rice as main ingredient with different rice recipes especially the white type is not always good for health. The large amount of starch could make pressure to the digestion and other organs. We should use brown rice instead of the white or at least cut down the white rice amount by the brown or other colored rice. The nutrients from the outer layer of this rice will help to convert the starch efficiently.

Besides, we need to combine rice in different rice recipes with other foods as vegetable, meat, fish, egg, fruit and other food types…to ensure the nutritional balance of the body. Only when we consume suitably with our body condition, we could used up the benefits of rice in typical and foods in general.