Soybean and our health

Green soybeans

Related to our health, the discussions of advantages and disadvantages of soybean exist at the same time.

The prominent advantages of using soybean and some of its product could be mentioned as: helpful in reducing heart attack risk and coronary heart disease risk (by the effect of soy protein), reducing cancer risk as well as diabetes and inflammation (by the acting as antioxidants of phytic acid), an important source of protein to the dietary and vegetarian.

It is said that soybean is the small bean and big story, there are also different opinions that it could cause some bad effect to human. It is believed that the phyto-estrogens contained in soybean would affect the estrogen (of women) and testosterone (of men). And using in large amount of soybean and its products could confuse these hormone.

Dry soybeans

The researches and arguments for soybean benefits and harms are normally confusing the consumers somehow. The researching and the real bad affections of using it usually didn’t have closely connection. There still doesn’t have the specific evidences for those risks except the allergy risk for some consumers that were confirmed.

However, we are still be advised for shouldn’t overusing not only it but also any kind of food, although it is considered as magic or else. Making balance and science to our meal would be better than concentrating too much to some good foods.

GMO soybean

Nowadays, to meet the food demand of the world, many plant and animal breeds have been modified genetically (GMO-genetically modified organism) to increase the quality and quantity. Soybean is one of those. There is accounted that about 80% of it in the market is GMO food.

Tofu - popular product from soybeans
Tofu – popular product from soybeans

Although many organizations have built the typical rules as well as recommended about the safety of GMO food source or made the producers to ensure that those foods would not be harmful for human. The consumers have still doubted for the long affection. In fact there are still no specific evidences for the harm of GMO food but these types of food include soybean are still not priority choices of consumers.

For the knowledge of GMO foods generally and GMO soybean typically, we should be known by the mention on the food labels or the products codes but not always. It could be rule for some areas (as EU) but not for the others. Therefore, understand our food the best we could before deciding to lead them to our stomach.