Red beans are not simple with red color covers

Adzuki beans, a type of red beans

Red beans are very popular in cuisine in some countries, especially in some Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China etc. You may see in the list of dishes and cakes in here, red beans are appeared regularly. And in the countries in Europe or America, they are familiar with some soup considered the rich nutritive soup to be loved in healthy eating plan.

The common use of red beans sometimes makes us to wonder how about this bean and is there something special related. The red bean story is so not complicated supposedly. It is simple but it is told with some typical features attract anyone who concerns.

Origin and use as food

Red beans are same with many types of beans and food, they have been existed in the culinary a thousand years. Some types of this bean were cultivated firstly in Asia and then they were become popularly to other places following the steps of explorers and trading also.

It was believed that this bean was used as food in Asia from the period of more than 2000 BCE. And then it became popularly in America. The bean came to Europe later in the time of 15th century. Today the bean is used in Japan, Korea, China in the most and the top of countries joins the commercial producers of this bean such as India, China, United States, Indonesia and Brazil.

Red beans called because their red covers

The bean with black cover it is called black bean commonly. Or the bean with green cover it is called green bean simply. In the same case, red bean it is. It is just simple like that, many people think. The bean has its red cover. So it at first is called red bean before we know it clearly with exact name or scientific name. In the case we enjoy some dishes with red beans, we may meet the situation that there are different flavors, shapes and even the red colors of the bean covers. The red status may cause our surprise why red beans here are not same with the red beans there where we have ever had a chance to taste.

Although impressing us by the red cover in general but in the reality, the red beans are same with other bean types, they have different types with specific features. This is happened by many factors effected such as climate, planted land, farming, cultivation, bean seeds etc. That is the reason why we call the same name of red beans in some places, it is possible not to be the same red bean types. So how we can recognize the red bean types, are they simple?

Distinguish popular red bean types

There are at least 3 main popular types. They are adzuki bean, red kidney bean and pinto bean.

Adzuki bean

This is the bean type is very popular in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China etc. It is called red mung bean, small bean or red cowpeas. The bean is small bean with red cover. Its cover is look not to be shiny.

Red kidney bean

If red bean in Asia is adzuki bean, in Europe, America and some other countries such as India and Pakistan, red bean is red kidney bean mainly used. Kidney bean is considered larger and longer than adzuki bean a little bit. Its cover color is shinier compared with adzuki bean. Beside it is like the name itself by the kidney form while the adzuki is look to be rounder.

Pinto bean

Pinto bean is called red bean. It is simple to distinguish from adzuki bean or red kidney bean by the cover color and shape. Pinto bean is larger than adzuki bean and red kidney bean. This bean has its beige background with brown or reddish brown splashes. But these splashes are disappeared after cooking.

And nutritive value

Red beans are used as one of the main foods in some countries by its rich nutritive values. Most of types of red beans is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals. These beans are considered the gold source for cholesterol lowering thanks to high fiber, fat free and high protein.

It is believed that this bean type is very useful in lowering heart attack risk, stroke, vascular disease by the amount of folate and magnesium contained. The beans also supply iron for energy, thiamin for maintaining the memory etc. Beside the beans are easy to combine with other healthy food such as brown rice to double the nutritive value in healthy eating plan for health effectively.