Egg and your health

The egg

What is the value of the egg?

The egg is a very common food in our daily life. It is rich in nutrient and easy to use in many ways. The helpful vitamins (like A, D, E, B1, B6, B12), minerals (like calcium, magnesium, zinc); acetylcholin (a neurotransmitter), protein and also the removable usage of egg make it to become so popular in food industry.

In cooking with the egg, you don’t need to be a good chief, because the simplest technique could help you to have a nutritional egg for your meal. Egg, especially chicken egg, is also ingredient that can not be missed in making cakes.

Beside, the price of egg is acceptable for almost people. That with the advantages mentioned make this food be widely used around the world.

The egg and cholesterol

The egg is high in cholesterol, but it’s mostly from the yolk, the egg white contains no cholesterol. We could avoid the cholesterol by using the egg white only.

People who have diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease have to be very careful of the egg consumed.

How many eggs are enough?

The egg is good, and there are the varieties of egg but we should consume it suitable with our health.

The quantity of cholesterol for a healthy man is advised for about 300mg/ day. For those who have diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease the amount is advised for about 200 mg/ day. Meanwhile, a large egg (as US specification) contains about 180 mg cholesterol in the yolk. That means about an egg-used a day is possible. However, we have to pay attention to other foods that we use in our meal, to ensure everything is balanced.

Egg for children

For egg is a high nutrition content food, it could be added to children meal, but with a reasonable amount.

The egg white which contains high protein content, should only add for over 1 year old child. The yolk is also rich in nutrients, we should only add for over nine months old baby with little amount. Otherwise, it could cause bad to their digestion.

How to use egg in the best way?

The nutritional experts advise us that we should eat boiled-egg for it remains the highest nutrients and will be easy to digest than other ways. There is some information that we could consider when eating egg, it is the rate level of digesting and absorbing egg by different ways of cooking:

  • Boiled egg: nearly 100%
  • Omelet egg: about 98%
  • Fried egg: about 85%