Caviar with sandwich

Caviar is a famous type of food of the world. It is considered luxurious in the west culture and used to consume by the royal families in this area. Although it has become more popular nowadays, but it is still one of the high-class type of food both value and the limited production.


It is originally used to name the roe from the wild sturgeon – a fish in Acipenseridae family – in Caspian and Black Sea. But in different countries, it could be used for other sturgeon fish egg as salmon, steelhead, trout, lumpfish, whitefish and carp…

It is small and could be in gold, brown, silver-gray to black depends on type. The preparation of this food will be done very carefully and precisely. Usually, the whole ovaries will be removed from female sturgeons when nearly mature. After be cleansed gently, a correct amount of salt will be added to the roes to become caviar and then will be packed to serve or to be continue processed.

Among the caviar types, the gold one from Danube river sturgeon is the most expensive and used to consume by Russian, Iranian and Austrian royalty. However, the wild fish is mostly extinct and its product has become rarer. Other types of caviar which are considered delicacy and prized are Beluga caviar – a soft and large roe, with size compared to pea-sized and color from pale silver gray to black; osetra caviar – a medium sized egg with brown color; sevruga caviar – a gray caviar.

Caviar and serving

Caviar taste is known as elegantly and often served in special occasions as new year, wedding or in luxury restaurants.

It is usually held in horn, wooden, golden, aragonite or sometimes plastics plates when serving to avoid affecting to its flavor and color. It is usually served with simple additions as lemon, biscuit, bread, vodka…so that the consumers could enjoy the taste completely.

Also in serving, we should eat caviar in small amount and enjoy it, the over-using of this food is considered impolite.

Caviar and production

Due to the over-extraction sturgeon roe to produce caviar, the wild sturgeon has been reduced much recently and some countries especially the US has made regulation to limit, even sealed off the quota of caviar which produced from Caspian and Black Sea sturgeon to protect the wild source of this fish. For that reason, the suppliers have to extract sturgeon roe from the farmed source to provide to the market.