Lemon – the gold ingredient in the kitchens

Lemon tree

Lemon which is considered one of the most popular fresh fruit is always available in many kitchens. Lemon or citrus limon is fruit of evergreen tree in citrus family in which there are orange, lime, grape fruit etc. Lemons are mostly oval-shaped, yellow color and juicy. They are the fresh fruits that contain high level of vitamin C, essential nutrients and citric acid. All parts of lemon from juice, rind and pulp are use widely in culinary. Lemons are also used as cleaning for the acid contained.

History of lemon

The origin of lemon is not specified, but it was believed to be first cultivated in northeast India, northern Burma or China.

Lemon was first introduced to Italy, Europe around 8th century BC to 1st century AD during Ancient Rome time but was not popular there. It was then spread to other regions as Persia, Iraq and Egypt (around 7th century AD). In 11th century, lemon was a fresh fruit that was widely known in Arab World and Mediterranean region. Only from 15th century, this fruit was planted popularly in Europe and the Americas. The cultivation of lemon was actually increased in US from 19th century only.

Lemon as food


As a juicy fruit and fresh fruit with high level of vitamin C and sweet aroma, lemon juice is widely used to make lemonade and joined in many drinks recipes of cocktails and soft drinks. This fruit juice is also used to make marinade especially for fish and seafood, for it could help to reduce the typical smell of these foods. Lemon juice from the fresh fruit could also use to keep fresh color of other fruits such as banana, apple, avocado…for these types of fruits could easily turn to dark color after slicing, and acid contained in lemon could help to reduce this.

Besides juice, lemon rind and pulp are also use popularly in culinary. They could be used as an ingredient to increase the flavor in baking, main dishes and deserts. They are also used to decorate to the dishes.

Other uses of lemon

Beside the usages in cooking the fresh fruit as lemon is also used in other purposes.

Lemon juice is usually combined with salt of baking power to brighten copper cookers, remove stains from plastic containers or stains from cooking in the kitchen.

The essence of lemon rind is solvent. It could dissolve the old wax, fingerprints and grime on wood and could be used as cleaner then.

In some areas, lemon is also use as medicine to reduce the slight cold or fever symptom.