Pâté – the taste of elegance

Pâté on plate

If you are person who loves meat loaf, it is possible somehow pâté is the recipe that makes you to be concerned. In some aspects related to shapes, firms and ways of cooking, meat loaf and pâté may be same a little bit. They both are the mixture considered meat products or processed products but give the specific taste. It is said that the taste from meat loaf is popular but the pâté taste is attached with the typical feature of elegance.

If meat loaf is one of the popular meat recipes in the kitchens, pâté seems to be more selective. Compared the shape and serving sometimes meat loaf and pâté are same because that are served by sliced or not after cooking thanks to the texture created by the ingredients.

Related to pâté, there are different interesting questions about the origin, using, recipes and ingredients. Each part may be an element to contribute to the elegance of pâté but they are not so popular with specific details to be talked about.

Where had been come from pâté? Is it the specialty from France?

Existed with the name as pâté – it is easy to make us to think about the pâté as a specialty comes from France. It is right that pâté is one of the specialties of France. Or you may see that pâté is attached with French cuisine more than other countries in the world. The most of famous brand of pâté or famous dishes with pâté are from this country. However the interesting point is that the most of pâté origin was not from France. It is believed that pâté came from ancient Greece for a thousand years ago.

When did appear the dish called pâté?

Pâté or terrine appeared in the ancient time in ancient Roman and Greece. It was a mixture with the ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetable fine minced or grinded, herbs and spices. The mixture was prepared and then served traded in the markets. Pâté was in the golden time as a wonderful prepared product in Middle Ages. And in the 18th century, pâté was emerged as a phenomenon in France by the creativity and great way in combination of ingredients to make the elegance, taste to convince consumers powerfully. After that using and making pâté had spread in Europe. The rich pâté recipes were created and used widely in the European countries such as Belgium, Netherland, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland and Russia. The best pâté recipes are considered that they come from France with the most elegant taste.

Pâté and types and in cuisine

Each country where pâté is served there are different recipes and types with different ingredients. Some countries have their traditional pâté. And the ingredients used in the pâté recipes today are rich. The ingredients are included meat, seafood as in the olden time and other things such as pig liver, goose liver, poultry, ham, beef, fruits, fatback, egg, butter, cheese, bread crumbs and different nuts, herbs and spices etc.

The texture of pâté is rich in flavor base on the ingredients used to be combined in it. So you may find out many types of pâté with typical taste in each country or region attached with brands or specific points. After preparing, pâté may be served hotly. However most of types of pâté are served after firming some hours. Keeping pâté in the fridge or cold storage is the way to firm it and gives the best taste after preparing. Pâté is used directly as an appetizer or it is combined in different dishes for appetizing. Beside it is widely used with bread for breakfast or a good ingredient in baking for wonderful cakes.

Pâté and your health

In the olden days, the ingredients were used in the pâté mostly for storage purpose. It was different so far nowadays when pâté is for enjoying. So the ingredients for making pâté are selective carefully to ensure to satisfy the tastes. Beside the ways of making are better thanks to the technology and good conditions for storing or firming. These reasons can make consumers who are not worry so much for their health if they use pâté as a dish in their menu.

However pâté may be considered one of a type of processed meat or meat products if they have their ingredients from meat or red meat. Even if they are not from meat or red meat, they are treated with a processing with adding spices and some preservatives. The processing may cause some factors that are not good for health. Beside pâté is the type of food that gives high cholesterol if they are made from livers. And cholesterol may a reason to increase the risk of heart disease. So using pâté is same with enjoying meat loaf. It should be used under the controlling, moderation and rationality to protect your health.