Orange fruit for health and disease prevention


The benefits from orange fruit are recognized for decades. You may accept this through its history and popularity. Nutrition experts always say that there are different benefits of orange fruit for your health if you use whole orange fruit in fresh or juice with reasonable dosage and fitting body. The orange gives you the vitamin C firstly and then other nutrition facts that you receive from it such as fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and B12, pantothenic acid, potassium and calcium etc.

Orange for health and disease prevention2There are some typical benefits of orange that you should know:

  1. Orange fruit helps to prevent viral infections

From the beginning, orange has been considered the natural medicine to help people to prevent flu in Asia. Till this time, this value is true because there are the studies that confirmed the rich of polyphenols in orange. They help the human’s body against influenza virus effectively and also viral infections.

  1. Orange fruit helps to reduce constipation

Use the whole orange fruit with fiber to stimulate digestion. The fiber in the orange is useful to help you to reduce the constipation. This is also the simple natural medicine that is good for your health if you have so much time on day seating in your office.

  1. Orange fruit – lower cholesterol and hearth health

High cholesterol is the obsession to people because it is the leading cause of heart disease. The soluble fiber in orange is good for lowering cholesterol. So that is the reason why you are advised by nutrition experts about using whole orange fruit to keep the full benefit from the orange.

Beside, the nutrition facts in the orange such as potassium and choline are good for people’s hearts. Especially the potassium is an electrolyte mineral that help to keep the heart beating. It is said that potassium in orange is element to help to lower blood pressure and also to prevent stroke.

  1. Orange fruit and diabetes

The American Diabetes Association considers that orange is in the list of prioritize foods for diabetics. The natural sugar and fiber in orange help to improve blood sugar, lipid and insulin levels. Using the orange in the right way will help to make the balance blood sugar levels.

  1. Orange fruit is goof for vision

Orange is also rich Vitamin A – a type of vitamin is good for people’s eyes. It may help the eyes to absorb the light and improve the night vision. Beside, Vitamin C in the orange is the element to help to decrease the risk of cataracts. Furthermore, it helps to make the progression of macular degeneration to be slow.

  1. Orange fruit helps to protect, ulcer and against stomach cancer

The Journal of The American College if Nutrition had ever had a study published that Vitamin C helps to protect against infection and prevent gastric ulcers. Use orange to have Vitamin C each day. It helps your stomach to be healthier to against Helicobacter pylori – the bacterium caused of ulcers and increased risk of stomach cancer.  There are different studies which said that there is limonoid in orange. It is the element that helps to prevent cancer such as lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer etc.

  1. Orange fruit helps to against liver cancer

There are the studies in Japan that eating regularly citrus in which there is orange is to help to prevent liver cancer. In the war of preventing liver cancer, citrus is the type of food that is very useful thanks for vitamin C in them as an important antioxidant that helps to prevent free radicals.

Beside the A.P John Institute of Cancer Research said that the limonene and citric acid in the essential oil of orange may contribute in the preventing of Ras cancer (the genes that are found out in association with some cancers). And citric acid is the important element in the effect to stop producing glycolysis to make cancer cells starved and then die.

  1. Orange fruit and health skin

According to Cleveland Clinic, Vitamin C is the important element to collagen production. It may help to decrease the wrinkles in the skin. Additionally, it helps to improve overall texture of the skin. It keeps the skin to be lighter, more beautiful and healthier to prevent the bad effects from the sun and environmental pollution.