Orange usage and storage


Orange fruit is a popular fruit and very useful for our health, so let find out some tips in usage and storage of this fruit:

How to keep the orange being fresh for longest time?

Orange fruit is a seasoned fruit, so choosing orange within its harvest time will give us the best quality. For different types of orange and growing areas, we will have different time of harvest, such as:

  • Valencia orange: the harvest season is from March to June
  • Blood orange: harvest time in winter till March (Texas) or May (California)
  • Navel orange: has a long growing season, from June to October, and harvest till December.
  • Acid-less orange: an early season orange type, which has harvest time around November to January.
  • Bitter orange: may have harvest time in early (November-December) or late season (March-June) depend on the area.

The orange fruit could be kept in room temperature for about a week (at low moisture), or in the fridge for 2-4 week. For the rind, juice or flesh could be frozen last for 6-12 months. Orange is not usually be canned, except marmalade because it will be bitter if be canned.

For the best storage, we should choose the fresh succulent oranges, with smooth skin. After washing and drying, we could use the plastic bag to keep oranges in the fridge.

How to use orange in a best way:

Although orange fruit is an excellent fruit for our health, it doesn’t mean that we could use as much as we want, or anytime when we like. There are some notes we should take to use orange rightly:

  • We should use orange suitably with our health, gender, age, and even smoking situation. Two oranges per day will be suitable for a man, the pregnant and smoker, meanwhile one is enough for a woman, the old, and a haft is good for a child.
  • For the acid of orange, we should eat orange or drink orange juice freshly 1-2 hour after meal.
  • Eat orange or drink juice right after peeling or squeezing is the best, because the vitamin C and some of nutrition will be lost then.

Avoided things when using orange:

You shouldn’t add orange fruit right after meal, because while the peptic have to work with the food, the acid in orange will cause pressure and harm to the stomach.

  • Orange fruit shouldn’t be used while using medicine, because its acid will break the medical structure of medicine and reduce the effected treatment. If your stomach is not healthy, you shouldn’t use orange either.
  • You shouldn’t add orange fruit late in the evening, because it’s a diuretic juice which could interrupt your sleep.
  • You shouldn’t add orange fruit before or after drinking milk, because the acid in orange and protein in milk will have chemical reaction, it’s harmful to the stomach.