Salmon – labored lifecircle

Bear and salmon

Salmon fish is a famous type of seafood in human menu. It is not only special for the nutrients contained but also for the life cycle. The salmon is uncanny fish which could make uncanny journey to create a new class. That is their most important mission, and when it has been finished, the salmon also complete their lifetime.

Salmon as food

Salmon cleaning
Salmon cleaning

The salmon fish is a species in Salmonidae family. They are native to North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, but in recent years, beside the natural types, there are many types of salmon are farmed in different areas of the world.

The salmon fish is considered as a nutritional food. They contain numbers of nutrients especially high level of protein, omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin D and also source of cholesterol (could be 23-214 mg for 100 g, rely on the types of salmon).

Flesh of salmon species is mostly red or orange, some species are white. They are use widely as food in many countries. The Japanese also use raw salmon flesh in their sashimi, which is a popular dish not only in Japan, but also in many other countries. Salmon roe is also considered as an expensive dish. It is served as a high class of dish in restaurants. This roe is believed especially well for women skin health.

Although raw salmon fish is tasty and popular, but it is advised to eat cooked salmon better.

Salmon for meal
Salmon for meal

Salmon life cycle

The salmon fish is a special creature. Most of salmon species were born in the fresh water, grown in the salt water and then returned to reproduce in fresh water.

There is accounted that about 10% of the salmon roe could be survive to hatch. The young salmon spend about six months to three years (depend on the species) to grow in the fresh water. They are then move from the rivers to the ocean and live there about one to five years (depend on the species). Although some species could move to a new river to reproduce but mostly of the mature salmon will return to their origin place to pawn. The reason why they could return to the right place is still a question and could take time to find out.

Salmon great journey

The salmon fish could outpace a thousand of miles upstream and thousands foot up high to reproduce. It is a strange and amazing journey of this creature. But the longer they are in the fresh water, the weaker they are. A long journey together with the spawning cause the exhaust of salmon, and most of them will die after a few days or a few weeks of spawning. Only some of Atlantic salmon (2-4%) could survive to the next spawned season.

The salmon fish in the pawning season is a source of food to the bears around the area.

If you have watched the movie “Brave” which talked about a curly hair brave princess, you could see the lively scene when the Queen under the cloak of bear, has been hunting salmon. There are many of them that the bear just opened her mouth and wait for the fish. That is also what goes on in the reality, an admirable scene of the nature.

One more interesting thing is that, the bears would not eat all of the salmon they caught, but bring them to the land. The dead salmon then would become an enriched source to the forest. It could be said that, the salmon has affected to many parts of natural system around them, even when they alive or dead.