Cheese – an interesting story named “cheese eyes”


Have you heard about a type of derived food which has eyes? There is a familiar food especially to the west which is known with eyes, it is cheese. This food usually has holey texture, and those small holes are considered as its eyes. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let find out other interesting information about this food.


Cheese is type of food with specified flavor, mostly fat, salty and sour (the level will depend on types). It is derived from cows, buffalo, goats, sheep milk usually or other animal milk occasionally.

Cheese is one of milk products that used popularly. To produce it, milk will be acidified first then the enzyme rennet will be added. This process will create two layers of milk: the solid and liquid. The solid then will be separated and pressed to be formed.

The flavor, color, aroma, texture and finished time of cheese will depend on the type of milk, the additions and the producing process.

During the production, the additions as herbs, spices or wood smoke could increase the flavor of it. For different areas, cultures with rich ingredients, there are thousand types of cheese that were produced. Beside the industrial process, the traditional ways of making cheese are still maintained manually in many regions.


The exact time and origin of making and consuming cheese was not specified but there were evidences that this food was known to consume from the ancient time, possibly when sheep and goat were domesticated.

The evidences of it also appeared in Poland which shown the time around 5500 years BC. Other evidences were from Egyptian tomb which dated around 2000 years BC. It was then produced and used very popular in Roman time (especially 1st century CE) and it was spread widely to Europe at the same time. Lately then, it was popular to other areas and till now it is known and used worldwide.

And story

It could be said that the discovering of cheese seemed to be an accident. There was story that some presidents from the ancient time used animal dried stomachs to contain milk. The milk had been contacted with the rennet from the stomach and formed cheese. It was found accidently that way.

Nowadays, this enzyme could be produced and we don’t have to use animal stomachs to collect it. Cheese producing process has been industrialized in order to provide millions of ton to the world consuming. However, the manual production is also maintained, and the products from this process are usually high in prize.

There is another story about it that is “cheese eyes” which was mentioned earlier. It is mostly got the small holes which were assumed causing by the bacteria during the producing process. However, through time those holes seem disappear more and more, especially in modern products. And the researchers have found the reason and believed it caused the “eyes” appear or disappear in it. And that reason is from the very small seeds of grass or small hard texture forms which are mixed to the milk during the milk manual collection to make it Those small seeds have created the holes during the producing process, but they are considered not effect to the cheese quality. Through time, when the product lines have been developed more and more, all steps are industrialized and the seeds have no chance to join, that’s why the eyes disappeared.

Although the modern way of producing cheese is effectively, it has been thought that a piece of cheese with small eyes is still familiar and beautiful to us, you think?