Wheat – the beginning as food and the numbers


Wheat flour is one of the grain products from wheat popularly in using in over the world. Wheat is so obvious as an existing concept. It seems to be a kind of food appeared in the beginning of the mankind. We may have the such feeling in any case if wheat is reminded in our life today.

Wheat flour is used regularly in any kitchen in the world now. It is true. The stories related to wheat is rich and you can find any details concerned. In this article, we have some information related to wheat as short story that we may think about when use it. The story will be a factor to contribute your dishes with wheat flour to be more interesting in some way.

About the origin and the timelines of wheat

Related to wheat flour or origin of wheat, many people consider that this is the long and complicated story. The story is not so attractive, even it could be make somebody to have headaches or to be sick. However it is not so serious like that in the case we have some main detail for note or some important timeline to handle.

It is believed that wheat appeared for a long time in the human history. It is considered one of the oldest grains with the origin from southwestern Asia. Base on the archaeological evidences, wheat was cultivated from the Neolithic time. The first crops could be in some places such as Syria, Turkey and Jordan.

The time when the wheat was strong developed could be over 8.000 years ago. However it was believed that the most origin of wheat could be longer. It could be from 10.000 BC.

The wheat was cultivated in Greece, Cyrus and India and then Egypt in the period of 6.500 – 6.000 BC. It appeared in Europe in the period of 5.000 BC.

Till the time of the Bronze Age, wheat was used and then became popular in 19th century in the areas included Asia, Europe and America.

With wheat to America, it was considered that the wheat was cultivated here firstly in 17th century. The location where the fist wheat cultivated was an island in Massachusetts coast. In the end of 19th century, the wheat and wheat flour were used strongly in America.

The time when wheat flour appeared


Wheat flour_a product of wheat
Wheat flour_a product of wheat

In the long history of wheat as one of the main food for human, wheat flour was appeared as an evident. It was considered that the wheat flour was found and used in the very early time by Egyptians in the most rudimentary form. They supposedly were the first bakers used wheat flour basically.

To contribute to the process of finding the wheat flour, the ancient Greeks and Romans were the people reminded by their invention of rotary quern and water mill. They were considered the basic step for grain milling technology after that. In 19th century, the roller mills were known in Europe and they continuously made the development of milling grain in which of course there were wheat flour.

And wheat today

For some detail as above, you may visualize about wheat and wheat flour which have the long development. Today, wheat is one of three main grain type for food in our life.  If the rice is considered the main food for Asia area, wheat is considered the main grain for Europe and America. You may see the wheat, wheat products included wheat flour in all kitchens and meals per day in these regions.

According the statistics, global wheat production included wheat flour of course may reach more than 700 million of tons in the period of 2015-2016. The top of countries where produce, trade the wheat and wheat products such as The US, India, China and European Union. Especially in The US there is nearly 50 million acres for wheat production per year and this country is also in the top of the countries where consume the wheat and wheat product in the most.