Meat on our plate

Meat on our plate

Meat market exists around us as an essential part. It is so not strange because this place offer the abundant source of nutrition to human health. Meat is obviously rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. However there are many topics related to meats with the opinions to gradually push back the meats off the daily menu.

Meat market notwithstanding is still here and there with the role important to contribute the dishes to many people with undeniable fact. The problem with us here is that it should be understood in more details better than the prolonged controversies. And it is more useful to us all if we can control meat with best effectiveness to our health. So this article in somehow may contribute the process of yours to define again the meat in our plate and our daily life.

Meat in general

The beginning of all stories related to human starts with the hunting and gathering. So the simplest meat market had been appeared in human world naturally following the status like that. Meat in the first days was an effective contribution to the human survival. From this first step, animals were domesticated. It was found out the evidence proved the domestication of animals from 10.000 BC. And the breeding animals also the production of meat established; then it has been develop till now in all areas with all sizes from small productions to medium and scale.

According to the historical data, we may see that meat and meat market have played very important role in human life. In any way and anyhow, meat always is on the plates. And on these plates, the first type of meats such as bison, deer, sheep, wild boars and then domestic pigs, horse, dog, cat and poultry in turn have been used base on the geography, scale of cattle, domestication process of them, the development of poultry and human need in each region.

The meat consumption in the world is in different level base on the different factors such as region, culture, religion, economic condition and health concern. However it is estimated several hundred million tons of meat consumed per year. Till now, meat production and consumption continuously increase with non stops. And world food consumption of meat per capita in 2015 was 41.3 kg in average. It is forecasted that the number will continuously increase to 45.3 kg per capita in 2030. Beside the meat production is till the important part of agricultural development strongly with the significant source of income for the economy generally.

Meat – nutrition and human health

Meat is rich in nutrition needed to human body. Related to the material meaning, meat is considered one of the best sources to life. It contributes to the body with plentiful protein; the vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, Vitamin b6, Vitamin B12 and other vitamin sources; and the excellent minerals such as iron, copper, manganese and zinc.

Nutritious it is, but the meat is also the cause of the incessant controversies by its bad side may harm the human health. There are many studies that give the evidences of meat caused the popular disease as obesity or the other serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease etc.

From this situation, there are much more the topics discussed thoroughly about meat. It is the review of meat and meat products; the classification of meat. Or there are the strict regulations for providing raw meat or producing fresh meat with certain standard under the provisions of law. Or there is the delimitation of red meat and white meat as well as the consideration that how to use them smartly to get the real benefits for health.