Pork liver as food

Liver pâté - popular pork liver product

Liver commonly is a type of food to human. It could come for animals, poultry or fish. Among those, pork liver is rather popular to the consumers.

Pork liver as food

As other types of liver, pork liver contains high level of nutrients especially vitamins B, C, A, protein and iron.

This food could join to the meal through varieties ways of cooking to dishes such as baking, boiling, frying, stir-frying, or even eaten raw. It is also widely used to produce pâté.

In culinary, pork liver is usually combined with onion, carrot, garlic and many other foods and served as dishes or attached dish to the meal, it tastes good either.

Risk in pork liver using

Although contains high level of nutrients, pork liver also contains the same rate of cholesterol. A little amount of pork liver (around 80-90g or 3 ounce) could provide 300 mg of cholesterol. This level touches the daily limit of our body in case we are wholly healthy. For those who are in high cholesterol or in a dietary order, this rating is over 50% of the required limitation.

High level of cholesterol will shorten the way to disease of our heart. That’s why when consuming pork liver or other types of liver, we should consider carefully the amount. For there are also other foods in our menu, and they could hold the cholesterol too.

To enjoy liver safely, we could combine it with other botanical foods as vegetables and spices, and also limit the joining-fat (as butter). Besides, we shouldn’t consume this food regularly.

Consuming pork liver in a right way

As mentioned above, pork liver contains high nutrition as well as cholesterol level, so when we add this food to our menu, we should ensure to prepare and consume it as the right way:

  • Before cooking, this food should be carefully prepared by washing under water or wine and steeping in salt water or milk. This step will help to reduce the smell of liver and increase its flavor.
  • When combine pork liver with other foods, we should limit those which are high in vitamin C, for the nutrition level could be reduced.
  • This food is advised not to consume regularly to avoid increasing cholesterol to the blood.
  • We shouldn’t eat pork liver raw, but cooked. For the raw and undercooked one could hide number of risks that we couldn’t see clearly especially parasite egg and unexpected substances contained.