Tuna – gift from the ocean

Tuna fish

Tuna fish is a type of saltwater fish in mackerel family. It is fishing and consumed commercially in the market and is considered as an important type of the industry.


Tuna fish is ranged in the oceans sparsely and commonly in the tropical water. It is an active fish in warm water. Its body temperature could be maintained higher than the water. This is the very special specification that only few species could do.

Tuna fish could be 50 cm to 4.6 m long, and 1.8 kg to over 600 kg depends on the species. This fish could live several years (could be up to 50 years for the tuna from 2 m long). Its body is sleek and streamlined and so could be active in the water rapidly. Tuna is considered as a member of the fastest swimming fish group which the speed could be up to 75 km/h (depends on the species).

Tuna as food and mercury

Barbecue with tuna
Barbecue with tuna

Like other types of seafood, tuna fish is source of protein, omega, minerals…which is helpful to our health. This fish is joined widely to the cuisine around the world. Tuna meat is known as delicacy food with its thickness and tough texture when serving. Some dishes which are made from tuna eyes are also popular for some areas. Tuna canned is very popular in consuming too although the omega-3 contained had been reduced in the canning process. For it is still flavored then.

Tuna fish is used widely as food however its mercury level is most concerned. The large fishes generally and tuna typically are believed to contain the unsafe mercury level especially for whom in pregnant. We are advised to limit our amount of tuna consumed per week, or even per month for some special group ones. The amount could be from 150g – 170g per week normally and 150g per month for the pregnant, children and nurse mother.

Tuna fishing

Tuna in the seafood store
Tuna in the seafood store

Tuna fish is an important commercial fish with million of ton was consumed per year and so they are fishing widely in the industry. The price and consumption of tuna in the market have not been stable. Some main markets of import and consuming tuna are US, Japan, Europe. Japan, US, some countries of Asia, Australia and New Zealand are the main tuna and tuna canned providers to the world market. The providers mostly had agreed to fish tuna as the limited amount but in fact they mostly overfished illegally. It has affecting to the tuna source and could lead some species of this fish to the extinction.