Condensed milk – when did it appear?

Sweetened condensed milk

Condensed milk called usually sweetened condensed milk also is used popularly in baking and drinking. It is one of the expedient ingredients and easy to be combined with other ingredients in the recipes. So many people love to choose it as an great factor contributed in their recipes.

In using condensed milk, the questions are given that condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk is good for our health or the time when it appeared in human life and how many types it has today etc.

The time when condensed milk appeared

It was believed that the first time and the first details related to sweetened condensed milk recognized in the history was in the 13th century. The evident was base on the documents of Marco Polo when he wrote about a milk paste as tatart and it was possible to be condensed milk.

Till the 19th century, condensed milk was well known as a wonderful milk products with the longer storage. It was marked with the largest milk factory by Gail Borden in The US. And at that time, condensed milk was considered one of the phenomenon in the food production by the advantages in storage and transportation. After that, the milk factories were built in some areas for milk products in which included condensed milk of course.

In 1911, there was one of the famous and largest condensed milk factory built by Nestlé in Australia. This event marked again the role of condensed milk and also the status of condensed milk consumption in the world.

The types of condensed milk

Condensed milk nowadays is richer more than in the past. However there are just two main types of condensed milk forms mentioned popularly. They are sweetened condensed and unsweetened.

The sweetened condensed milk is called condensed milk shortly base on the first recognizing of it as a sweet type. This milk product is removed the water contained and to be added sugar with the certain ratio.

Otherwise, unsweetened condensed milk is called evaporated milk. This products does not contain sugar at all and it has the more complicated steps in production compared with sweetened condensed milk.

Condensed milk and benefits

In our modern life, condensed milk both sweetened and unsweetened types may contribute effectively in cooking and healthy eating plan. Condensed milk obviously is beneficial in storage, transportation and nutrition as its role existed in the history of milk production.

A condensed milk product in a package may be kept at room temperature for some months if it is not opened. And in the case it is opened, the product can be used for some weeks in the condition of keeping in the fridge.

Related to the nutritive value, condensed milk is rich in fat, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and other vitamins and also minerals. This type of milk product may supply more than 60 calories per teaspoon.

Although condensed milk gives the benefits in nutrition, storage and transportation, many people do not consume condensed milk because it is so fat and sweet (with the sweetened condensed milk). For the diet plan, condensed milk is advise not to be used or used under the tight control to protect the eating diet plan not to be broken.