Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds today are concerned strongly because they are considered to be good food choice. Attached with nuts, it must be mentioned about seeds. You can find now many nuts in the snacks or different seeds that be gold source to human health.

They in some cases are not handled fully with some people. But some others have taken the advantages from the nuts and seeds because they know the benefits from these types. If you have not been interested in the nuts and seeds before, it is now the time for you to understand about them. And in the case you are concerned or used them already, a little more useful information that collected may contribute to your using to be more stable.

In human history

If we look back sometimes, we may realize that nuts and seeds and grains have been the gold source for life. Seeds are for plants and grains are for green sprouts. And the history of human kind was started with seeds such as Bible written. In the beginning of human history, seeds and grains were considered the main source for food. Base on the archeology as in Israel, nuts were found out that they appeared in the human cuisine more than 700,000 years ago. Or you may see that, throughout the world, seeds in general which include nuts and grain exist in human life as an obvious evident such as wheat is the main source in Europe and America, rice is the main source in Asia, rye and buckwheat are the main source in Russia and East Europe. It is considered that they are the food source, the source of new process and the therapy for sustainable health to people.

Should be used daily

Base on the value of nuts, seeds and grains have been so obvious in the history till now and we have no reason to decline or ignore them regardless our lives are soaked in modern status so deeply. The advice of using nuts and seeds daily is worth to all of us.

Theys contain many nutrients that good for human’s health. They are considered the smart choice and rich source of nutrition in consuming foods nowadays.

Nuts may give protein, minerals, vitamins, and fat. And seeds to you may give protein, minerals, Vitamin B mainly, fat and fiber. There are not a big gap between nuts and seeds you may see; however each part has its certain benefits for our health.

There are studies that they may offer you some needed nutrients such as from the rich foods like meats and fishes. The vegetarians and people who follow the healthy diet plan are advised to use nuts and seeds in their menus.

They are useful in protecting against diseases

Using nuts and seeds are also the way that helps us to protect against some disease. The studies related to benefits of them show that people who consume them fall into the status of heart disease less than people who do not eat.

It is said that there are the fiber, phytochemicals and plant sterols found out from the nuts and seeds may help to reduce some cancers. That is the reason why you are advised to use more nuts and seeds than meats, processed foods etc.

Are there the disadvantages of nuts and seeds?

Of course YES. Anything has its downside even the best thing because there is nothing is perfect and nuts and seeds are in the same situation.

The problem is to what are the disadvantages from nuts and seeds that we can find out? We should not think that nuts and seeds can give us the nutrition and they do not make us to be overweight so we can use it as much as we want. It is not always good way. Try to use them suitably.

You are advised to use the raw nuts and seeds if it is possible. Before consuming, the raw nuts and seeds should be soaked into the water with salt to be clean.

In the case you use the products of nuts and seeds; you are advised to read carefully of labels, ingredients combined to be sure that the products that you choose are good and suitable with you.