Sunflower seeds – start with lovely stories

Sunflower seeds

Not much like the yellow color of the flowers, sunflower seeds have their opposite color covers. If the sunflowers are so bright under the sun, the sunflower seeds seems to be darker to impress the colorful status of the flowers.

The interesting thing is that compared with the appearance, the inside of them seems to against together with the fat, flavor and aroma of sunflower seeds while the bright yellow flowers are not smell even bad smell.

An nice detail like above may start any story related to sunflower seeds. You can find out and read different stories about sunflower seeds with lovely plots such as Crawford’s Garden in Sunflower seeds and Crows by Margo Fallis for children. That is the stories for entertainment.

And how about it in food list beside the fact that we know them as a wonderful snacks for many people who consume them regularly or the oil that used by some home chefs.

Sunflower seeds and interesting movement

Sunflowers were the wild plants and considered to be cultivated in North America in the period of 3000 BC although they were estimated to be planted very long time before even before corn. The evident related to estimating of the time when sunflower plants cultivated could give the fact related to the use of sunflower seeds. It was considered that these seeds were used to mix with other ingredients in some dishes much like bean or corn or the other seeds and nuts in the culinary in the history. Beside they were used for oil later.

From the North America, sunflower seeds came to Europe by exploring in the period of 1500. Till the time of 18th century, these seeds became very popular for oil production in Europe. In the 19th century, from Russia was the top place for sunflower seeds, these seeds turned back to America.  And then the wide cultivation and rich production of these seeds from America, concretely from The US bring back in Europe again as a main source of sunflower seeds till today.

Nowadays, Russia and The US are the countries where supply mainly sunflower seeds and products in the world. There are different countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand where supply too but the amount from them is not much. There is some million ton of sunflower seeds produced  each year with the main place consumed these seeds and their products is Europe.

Sunflower seeds as food

Sunflower seeds are used as snacks, additional ingredients in many dishes. They give the good oil used in cooking and beauty care. They are considered the good source of vitamins and minerals that contribute to human health effectively much like some other seeds in the healthy seed list.

It is found out that these seeds are rich in Vitamin E, B1, B3, B6; manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and folate. Base on the nutritive facts contained, these seeds are believed to be useful in contribution to lower cholesterol; decrease the risk of some cancers; give the benefits of anti-inflammatory and bring the advantages to cardiovascular.