Watermelon carrot juice

Watermelon carrot juice

There different reason for consuming fruit juice daily. This type of drink may contribute to our health, beauty care and even fighting against disease. To rich the list of fruit juice, the combination between fruits is made. The mixed fruits seem to increase the benefits. It also gives the more interesting glance to the fruit juice types.

In this article, the mixed recipe like watermelon carrot is introduced. It is easy to make this fruit juice. The juice may create the feeling of comfort while enjoying, especially in the hot weather like the summer time. Watermelon carrot juice also gives the passionate color to light party table in the line of drinks. It and help to refresh and bring the valued nutrients.

Especially related to nutrition, watermelon carrot juice is considered the juice for refreshment the body. The fruit juice is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and different minerals that are beneficial to our health in aspects. It is considered the watermelon carrot juice is good for skin care and heart health by the rich vitamin C and potassium.

One more point contained in the watermelon carrot juice that makes many people who love to enjoy is the sweetness. Both watermelon and carrot give the pure sweetness. Some people suppose that the fresh watermelon helps to balance the raw carrot flavor. This is also one of the factor that makes this mixed fruit juice to be more delicious.

Prepared time: 5 – 7 minutes

Serve: 2 servings

  • 10 carrots
  • ¼ watermelon in medium size
  • Some ice
  • Wash carrots, cut in pieces
  • Remove the rind of watermelon, cut watermelon in pieces also
  • Add carrots and watermelon with alternating into fruit machine for juicing. Add some ice into the juice container to keep fresh color of the mixed juice.
  • Pour the mixed juice into a glass with some ice for serving.