Habits in food choice

Habits in food choices

Food choice is a complicated category. Researchers who care on this category may list a long list with factors that influence, dominate and lead consumers to decisions on food choices. And in this list of factors, habit is one of the very important components that should be concerned.

Habits in food choice in general

In a research related to topic of stress eating, a speech by David Neal Ph.D from Empirica Research was given that habits are 45 percentage of daily life. And in the same way, habits in food choice are the important decision that influences to nutrition and human health.

It is said that food choice habit is same with other habits in our life. A habit is established after a long time without intention even. So habits in food choice may be firmed after a period that we concentrated only in some foods base on our favor, our purpose in consuming, finance, tradition or custom and many other reasons while the food world is so rich for varied choices.

We sometimes do not recognize or pay our attention so much to our habits in food choice or how they have been in the progress till the time they were in the formation. By this reason we of course do not exactly know how important the habits impact to food choice and how affected they have on our consuming, contributing and maintaining our health.

Good habits in food choices

Knowing about the food and nutrition can lead us to the good habits in food choices. It is understandable because we know about food we know the foods suited our favor and health. We know about nutrition we know how much food is enough for a meal. Good habits in consuming food keep us in the line and they do not break out easily or lead us to go so far from the healthy diet plans.

Good habits also help us to keep the balance in the rich food world. They guarantee for the diet plan to be successful. And the food choices and then are not the challenge any more.

Bad habits in food choices

In the contrast with the case as above, the emotional choices; unfounded preferences; ignorance of balance in nutrition, etc are the factors which lead us to negative habits in food choices.

Typically we like french fries, we sometimes choose it without consideration. Or if there is a consideration, we may assume that just eat french fries now and then select the better dishes or food for supplement, we have so much time to balance them following this way. In essence, the supplement by this way has not guaranteed for any healthy eating plan yet for a long time because it is not based on the stable basis.

Or in the case we have a diet plan to follow, we focus and we believe only the menu with vegetable and fruits. The thinking base on this opinion may lead us to negative habits in food choice gradually. We will tend to choose most of vegetable and fruits for our menu while consumption of good fats and protein is also necessary and important to our body.

Changing habits in food choices – a battle with challenges

It is said that changing habit can change the life. The changing habit in food choices is not so different. For couple days of thinking, we may know exactly where is the place  we are in the line of good and bad habits in food choices. However changing a habit is the big problem to anyone. It is not easy to change the favor things that we love and we are familiar with or we have already pleased with them so long.

Changing our habits in food choices is considered a battle with challenging but we have to do in the case we wish to live healthier and longer. Start the first steps into this battle – we already were in the halfway there. So if there are something related to habits in food choice needed to be changed, do it now because it is never to be late to change the things for the better.