Benefits of honey lime drink

Ingredients for honey lime drink

Healthy living is the goal for all of us. One of the factors to help us to gain and maintain this is to do exercise, rest mind, think positively, consume the good food and drink. And related to drink there are many things concerned as recipes, low carb ingredients etc.

Talk about the drinks, we have perhaps been known that honey is good, lime juice is healthy, warm water is also helpful separately. How about combining these three and use to begin a new day freshly? It will be worth, truly. For this drink is considered a very beneficial drink for us. It is a great drink recipe for healthy living and many people who are now using it everyday. Is it true the combination between honey and lime as a beneficial drink for our healthy living? And how about the benefits that it brings to us?

Benefits of honey lime drink

Lime is known as a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants while honey is source of natural sugars and some carbohydrates mixture which is helpful to the digestion. The combination of these two ingredients with warm water could help to take the advantages of those.

Number of benefits that could be accounted from honey lime drink for healthy living, among those is some prominent points:

  • Helpful to the digestion: the source of vitamin and minerals from lime juice, active elements from honey and good effect of warm water when combined could be acted as a filter. It could refresh your digestion, eliminate toxicity and help the digestion to work more effective.
  • Useful to the immunity system: a rich source of vitamin and antioxidant from this drink could help to increase the antibacterial ability of our body.
  • Refresh your breath: this drink could also act as a natural gargled liquid which could help to refresh your breath in the morning.
  • Dietary affect: this mixture liquid is not only low in fat but also useful in dissolving fat in our body. It also helps to reduce the producing of gastric juice in our stomach, and so, reduce our demand of consuming food.
  • Healthier skin: as mentioned above, this dink is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and antibacterial which could help in purifying our blood, and so, besides good effect to others parts of our body, it could also restore our skin, help it to become healthier.
  • As medicine: this dink could be act as a safe medicine to reduce coughing especially for children from age 2. It could also help to reduce the morning sickness for pregnant women.

How to make and use honey lime drink

For healthy living, drink honey lime daily. This drink could be made so simply anytime, but it is believed to get the best effect when used in the morning before breakfast.

You could make a mixture of a glass of warm water with haft of 1/3 of a lime and 1-2 teaspoon of honey, stir and drink then.

You shouldn’t drink the mixture liquid whole at a time, but in gulps in order to help to clean and refresh your body slowly.

Honey and lime juice aren’t needed to be added too much, just enough and suitable with your body demand. For it could make your stomach uncomfortable if over consume. So for healthy living, use the drink suitably.

The breakfast or other drinks like tea or coffee should be consumed after that about haft or an hour. This is also the great advice for healthy living as in the case that you use one of the wonderful and healthy drink.

If you are used to get allergy with some food or drink, you should get recommendation from your doctor before using honey, for this liquid is from the natural and could cause the allergy.