Salmon and your health

Wild salmon flesh

Salmon recipe is considered one of the representatives to cuisine in the deluxe and cooking levels. This expensive seafood type is not often available on the table of the families. People who consume it mostly to enjoy. Salmon is an art feature in our plate. However at the time when the heath is the priority, salmon is same with other elements in the seafood type, it is learned to show the nutrition in detail. And base on this factor, we may know how effects salmon to human health or even is there the limit that we need to be clear to consume it smartly and beneficially.

In the previous topic related to salmon named Salmon-labored lifecircle, some interesting details about salmon were mentioned. Salmon is truly a beneficial factor to many aspects included human health and ecological environment. And in this article, some more details related to human health are reviewed specifically.

Salmon and benefits

Salmon - art in cuisine
Salmon – art in cuisine

There are different benefits found out from the salmon and salmon recipe such as:

Decrease the risk of heart disease

Salmon is rich in omega-3. It is a good fat that may help to decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure etc. So the salmon recipe may be arranged in the menu for people who face with heart problem.

Decrease the risk of macular degeneration and chronic dry eye

Omega-3 from salmon is the element contributed to reduce the level of eye inflammation. It is useful in the lowering the risk of eye problems typically such as macular degeneration and chronic dry eye.

Decrease the risk of some cancers

Omega-3, amino acid content, selenium contained in the salmon are considered the beneficial source. Thus, the salmon recipe gives these factors that may help people to decrease the risk of some cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.

The dark side from consuming salmon


Salmon and salmon recipe may give you the rich of fatty omega-3 that is very helpful to health. However there are always the advices attached with this golden source of nutrition. The risks from salmon and salmon recipe that may come to you are equivalent to the benefits that you receive from them. How about these risks and what are they?

Salmon and salmon recipe – the risk of obesity and diabetes type-2

Many people consider salmon as a wonderful source for health and then they use often salmon with different salmon recipe. The over consuming salmon is even considered the riskiness because the over good fat easily to become the bad point caused high cholesterol level. It may increase the blood pressure.

Over consuming salmon and using salmon recipe – poison reception increased

Salmon is the rich source for good fat factor. It is true but it is true in the case wild salmon is used. However most of salmon recipe today is contributed by the farmed salmon. And farmed salmon does not guarantee completely for human health at all. It is found out the high level of chemicals from farmed salmon such as arsenic, mercury and even dioxins contained in the farmed salmon flesh. That is the reason why using more farmed salmon, the receiving of poison contained in salmon is increased.

Helpful tips for your health when consume salmon

Salmon recipe is always attracted us whatever it is. In the case you love to use it to enjoy or for health, you should consume just one per week with a serving about 6 ounces. Beside the concern to providers who and where providing salmon is needed to be sure that you receive the fresh salmon for health.