Is soybean always good?

Is soybean always good

Soybean is one of bean types that used very popularly and widely around the world. The articles of this food are also varieties. Like any other food, the soybean mentioning always includes two sides good and bad. For those who love it, good effects when using it will be emphasized. But for others, bad point will become main idea to kick off the usefulness.

In fact, mentioning about soybeans and our health, the advantages of using soybean are undeniable. It holds numbers of nutrients that are helpful to our health. For the vegetarians, soybean is an important food source for the protein content is considered as a replacement to the protein from animal milk and meat. The soy protein and the antioxidant contained are also useful in reducing heart attack risk, coronary heart disease risk, cancer risk, diabetes and inflammation.

So is soybean always good?

The food generally and soybean typically will cause bad affection possibly, especially when it is overused or is used in wrong way.

We could see many A+ point when marking soybean. However, this food is not always good.

The most confusing reason may come from the origination of soybean breed. The modern technology could modify the gene and the result of consuming the new breeds have not been confirmed yet. It could become an uncomfortable point to us and could reduce the helpfulness when consumed.

Soybean if used in wrong way could cause bad affection than good. The wrong ways possibly are:

  • using regularly and in long time for it could make pressure to the digestion and appear unusual cell in the uterus
  • using as wholly replacement to other protein source using as food to children often for it could lead the body to be lack of other important nutrients
  • using regularly while pregnant and breast nursing for it could cause bad effect to the pregnancy
  • using often while being got cancer as breast cancer, uterus cancer (hysterocarcinoma)…
  • using while being got allergy and asthma

In reality, the effect of consumed food could be different from time to time, and the exactly statistic or researching subjects couldn’t be covered in large scale. Soybean and its products are not exception. That’s why we should check out the food before complete it to our menu and also balance our intake. It’s the most reasonably and efficiently way of consuming soybean typically and food generally.