Green beans – nutrition and usage


Green beans are very popular in the dishes in the families and cuisine in the world. They are used by the rich of nutrition; nice flavor and they are able to combine with many different ingredients to make the dishes to be more delicious and colorful. There are some facts in details related to nutrition, usage and name of green beans interestingly you may concern as below:

Nutrition content

The green beans, like mostly type of beans, contain high nutrition content. There are many nutrients and minerals in green beans which are helpful to our health, such as Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, fiber, Manganese, Magnesium, calcium, folate…

For about 100g of green bean served, about 131 kcal it will provide.

Usage and storage

When harvesting green bean, we should do when the pods are still young, and for each couple of days. Because after the seeds completely formed, the plant would stop growing, and so the harvest time couldn’t be prolonged.

Green beans could be used whole pod when immature or take the seed when ripe, the immature green beans seem used very popularly, and mostly of them need to be cooked before used.  The young pods could be used as fresh or canned in many dishes. There are many bean recipes with green beans around the world from salads, soups, stir-fried with other vegetables or meat or fishes etc.

After picked from the plant, the bean could be kept in plastic bag and stored in the fridge unwashed and clean for 4-5 days. During this time, avoid the steamed up in the bag, it will help the beans stand fresh and would not turn to decay quickly. However we should use the bean as soon as possible after harvested because they’re will reach the best flavor then. We should also cook them in a short time to keep the nutrients, mineral and color.

The leaves of green beans are sometimes used as vegetable and their roots are use as forage to animal.

Some words related to name of green beans in different areas

Green beans are very popular around the world, but the name green beans sometimes be confuse to the other unripe bean pods, because they are green too. However the green bean name is used mainly to point out the bean that is mentioned in this article.

In US, the bean is also known as string bean or snap bean. In France, it is haricot bean or French green bean, French filet bean or shortly French bean. It is fine bean in UK. Ejotes is green bean in Mexico… There must be many other names of this bean from different areas, but we could be sure in one point that green bean is a great fruit and vegetable for us all.