How much drink is enough per day?

Children - drinking water

Good drinks are interested by us all but sometimes we concern not much about the point that how much drink is enough per day. When “drink per day” is mentioned, we easily think about water. There are advises for how much water we should drink a day. However, we should expand “drink” as the fluid that our body needs for a day totally. It will include fluid from drink, fruit and food. And the needed amount will depend on each person for their weight, activities, environment, and health…

How much drink is enough per day?

Related to good drinks or some advices related to drinking water, we must be heard about the rule: eight glasses of water per day, or perfect time to drink a glass of water in a day….It is just an easy way to remember how much should we drink daily.

Commonly, as normal, 1 kg of our weight could need about 40 ml of water per day, for example a 50 kg weight person will need to drink 2 l water for a day. However, not everybody have to take after this exactly. For the total amount of fluid for men could be fluctuated from 2.5 to 3.7 l per day, and 2.2 to 2.8 l for women, and 1.5 to 1.8 l among those could be from water, the other amount will be from other source as fruit, vegetable, food and other drinks.

Besides, the hot weather or sports activities could make us consume more fluid than usual (could be 1 – 3 l more than usual demand).

The important thing is that we should understand our body then we could control what and how much we eat and drink daily the best. And related to drinking, it is not concentrated in the good drinks or bad drinks only. How we drink and how much drink we have daily is important too.

How to drink as the best way?

Drinking water
Drinking water

Water is good in the drink list, it is one of the good drinks we consume daily but if it is consumed in a wrong way, it will turn to bad, even poison our body. We shouldn’t drink too much per day surely, but we shouldn’t drink too much per time, too. The memorizing of the rule fluid is not only from water but also from other sources as fruit, vegetable, etc will be helpful in controlling the drink consumed.

A reasonable plan of drinking should begin with 1 – 2 glasses of water in the morning (right after we wake up is the best), then a glass before meal, a glass before shower, a glass before bed. The rest amount could be added around those times.

If you drink other fluid as tea, beer, wine, milk, juice or coffee you should check their ingredients, which could show you how much water contained and also other substances (useful or unhelpful), then the rightly decision could be made before that drink would be consumed.

How to know your body is enough or lack of water?

If we provide enough fluid with the good drinks, every parts of our body could be worked effectively. Otherwise, they could be harmed. And how could we know that our body is enough or lack of water (in case we couldn’t accounted how much did we drink)? Our body has its signals to warn for the situation. The most typical sign when we lack of water is thirsty. The other sign is the yellow urine, tired, sleepy. And if we get headache, very tired, less urinating, dried mouth and eyes, it is very serious. The lacking of water or fluid of our body could be solved by drinking. But if we lack too much water in a long time, some parts of our body could be harmed critically, especially the brain, heart, lung, liver and kidney, the most important parts of our body.

What terrible it is if we don’t provide the fluid to our body rightly, isn’t it? We could avoid the bad situation by consuming enough fluid in order to help our body to avoid the red alarm of lacking water.