Coffee – beans but not

Coffee plant

Coffee beans are the thing we mentioned a lot in the drink list. There is the word bean closed with but they are not real beans. And coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world absolutely. We could easily accept that with no question.

Although coffee drink from coffee beans is not really a type of beverage, it is same with tea considered the type contained caffeine but it is used widely around the world and be considered as culture in many areas. What kind of plant that could give us a special seed and also so passionate a drink like coffee. Let make a trip together to find out.


Coffee beans are the seeds of coffee plants, which belongs to Rubiaceae family. Coffee plant could be evergreen shrub or up to 5m high tree (the cultivated tree height is usually kept lower for harvesting). It has dark green leaves, white aroma flowers and berries. The coffee berries color will turn from green when young to yellow then crimson when ripen. The dried coffees mostly black. There are two seeds in a berry usually, but also one which called pea-berries. The coffee seeds or coffee beans as called name as usual are roasted and crushed to serve by brewing with hot water. The ways of brewing and serving coffee are varieties depend on areas and culture.

The journey of coffee

Coffee flowers
Coffee flowers

Coffee was believed to native to Ethiopia of Africa and was known from the 9th century. But till the middle of 15th century, in Yemen, coffee beans were actually known to use by roasting and brewing as the similar way today.

The coffee beans then were spread to other region of Africa and Middle East, Persia and Turkey around 16th century.

In 17th century, from the Middle East, coffee was brought to Italy, then other countries of Europe and also Indonesia and the Americas. At the same time, coffee was also cultivated popularly in Netherland colonies and made this country to become leader of the market.

Coffee beans then were introduced to North America but till 19th century, the drink from these coffee beans was really become popular.

It was similar with Brazil, the top country of producing coffee. Coffee had been reached this country around 18th century, but only to early 19th century, it was cultivated in large scale which account 70% the coffee quantity of the world some years latter. Till now, Brazil is always at the first place of the largest coffee producer group of the world.

Nowadays, coffee has been enjoyed widely around the world and become a dispensable part of modern life.

The coffee story

Make a coffee drink
Make a coffee drink

There was a legend that coffee beans were first discovered not by human but a goat. It was said that from Kaffa region of Ethiopia, the goatherds recognized that some of their goats had become more exited after eaten berries of a dark green leaves plant. They tried the berries then and were confirmed for the excitement. The story then was told to the priests who lived nearby. They also tried the extracted juice from the berries and could be awoken to pray through the night. And so, this stimulated drink has become popular then as we knew.

Besides the above story, there are other ones that mentioned about the discovery of coffee. Even which story has been told, it always is interesting for mentioning an amazing kind of drink for us.