Wine – a taste of life

Red wine

Good drinks to us, it is not surprising if in this list in which there is wine. In our drink list, tea could be mentioned as a mysterious type that could lead us to some deep place of spiritual world, coffee could be know as an inspired drink, besides there is is one type which is both elegant and passionate that we couldn’t miss, it is wine.

Before the time when we mention about the wine is a element in the good drinks, we know wine is an important part in different situation. It is seldom be lack from the parties, in the special occasions, romantic moments or in the celebrated events especially to the western culture.

Wine could be type of alcoholic drink which is fermented from different types of grapes, fruits and cereals. Normally, wine is used to mention the beverages which are made from grapes, and fruit wines or cereals’ names – wines for the ones that are made from other fruits and cereals.

Wine generally

Wine is considered one of the good drinks from natural ferment of grapes. This ferment process doesn’t need to add sugars, acids, enzymes, water or other substances. Sugar in the grapes would be consumed to convert to ethanol and carbon dioxide by the yeasts naturally. Different types of grapes and yeasts with the complex reaction together with other factors as climate, areas, and human affections, will create different types of wine.

The grapes will be harvested when ripen to produce wine. The ripe level will depend on the producer, and be decided base on the color and taste of grapes. Red wine and white wine producing process is separated. Red wine is made from the fermentation of whole red or black grape while white wine is from the fermentation of grapes juice only. Although the fermentation is developed by the yeast contained naturally in the grapes but it could also be added to the grape pulp (for red wine producing) and the grape juice (for white wine producing) in the fermented process. The wine will be filtered then and completed by bottling.

It would take from few months to years to produce wine (depend on types and quality) and within the producing process, many steps must be done carefully to create the good wine. The manufacturers from different areas, with different experience and taste could also combine varieties of grapes in many ways to produce wine. It makes the world of wine to be more popularly even become a special culture from where it’s consumed.

Wine history

Wine passionate
Wine passionate

There were evidences shown that the producing and using of wine had appeared thousands year ago. The earliest evidence was known showing the using of wine from Armenia (a sovereign state in Western Asia) around 6100 years BC. Around 6000 years BC, Georgia (a country located at the cross of Western Asia and Eastern Europe) was also known for consumed wine. The consuming wine in Iran was known from around 5000 years BC. Other region of Middle East also had evidence to consume wine around 5400 years BC. Evidences of drinking wine was also known around 4500 years BC in ancient Greece, around 1000 – 2000 years BC in Asia, few centuries BC in France and slowly to other areas of the world. Till today, wine is widely produced and used popularly all over the world.

Wine – a taste of life

It is not easy to think about the situation that there is no wine in our life whatever we drink it or not; we drink less or more. Wine sometimes is an important factor in a meal. In many cases wine is considered the spirit of that meal. Wine may make the meal to be more delicious. Wine may contribute the story told in the meal to be more emotional, romantic. Wine sometimes is the base where starts and unfolds the story deeply hidden inside.

Like a candle lights the night, a glass of fascinated wine can make a meal to be shined. Candles can be turned off by the wind accidentally but wine is different. It has power to motive people, change their mood, comfort them with the passionate flavor even in the place where is no candle for light.