Duck meat

Smoked duck

Duck meat is one of the meat types be loved to used in the world kitchen. It although is not popular such as chicken but still the great ingredient contributed the wonderful dishes.

In the world cuisine, duck meat is impressed with the well known dish named Peking duck. Follow the Chinese, this dish has the long step to the world cuisine, it is also the important point contributed and created the wave of consuming duck meat in different ways. And Peking duck may be the interesting introduction to start any story related to duck meat.

In the world kitchens

In reality, duck meat is not only the popular poultry meat in China, but also it is widely used in America, Europe and some countries from Asia. There are many names of dishes with duck meat as an main ingredients such as Bebek Betutu from Indonesian cuisine, Czernina from Polish cuisine, Duck à l’orange from French cuisine, Oritang from Korean cuisine, Turducken from The US cuisine etc.

In general duck meat is consumed strongly in Asia countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand etc. There are the rich recipes from duck meat found out from their traditional cuisine. Not only the roast dish from duck meat, different ways in cooking to this meat type are done in the kitchens for the wonderful flavors.

And consumption today

Each country has the areas and places for duck farming. So the domestic poultry markets are so quite lively. It is also the potential part for local agriculture. Base on the global production of duck meat, the number given is some tens of thousand tons of duck meat produced each year in average.

In the period of 2000 – 2010, duck meat production reached 3 million tons. From the 2015, duck meat production is more than 4 million tons. This number has been increased in 2016. It is also expected to increase further in the next period.

Following the increasing of duck meat quantity globally, the top of places where it has been produced such as China and some countries in Asia. And they are in the stable line with the top positions where provide the main output of duck meat in the global output.

To human health

Duck meat is arranged in the red meat list because the myoglobin percentage contained in it is considered higher than chicken. In the duck meat parts, the breast is said that to be better than other parts because it is low in myoglobin percentage.

It although is one of the red meat types but it is still the useful source food to human health because it is rich in protein, zinc, selenium, vitamins such as Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B12. In the case we use it with appropriate amount and properly cooking, it still contribute to our health in some certain aspect such as other good foods.