Goose – the elegance in cuisine and controversy

Roast goose

Goose recipe is not so popular and rich in the menu like your knowing about some other birds as food. The recipe in all types is called usually the recipes for gourmets. Related to goose, the luxury in cuisine is talked about but it is also the topic for disagreeable controversies and they seem not to lead to the end.

Goose – beautiful image of the faithfulness

To start the story related to goose, goose recipe or controversies about the goose as food, it is considered that goose is the great image of faithfulness. Knowing or not knowing clearly about the goose, we firstly see the image of gooses with goose and gander that are always side by side together as an inseparably couple. This is the nature of the goose, a goose is not alone.

From this special characteristic, the gooses are chosen as the symbol for the couple. Image of goose and gander couple is often appeared at weddings in many countries around the world because it is believed as a blessing for the lasting love fastened and inseparably.

Controversy about the goose as food

The image of gooses so beautiful it is but the fact it seems not to be. There are different point of views related to goose as food. Goose recipe to some people is good. It is considered a part of ingenious cuisine. Goose recipes such as roasted goose, goose liver, goose stew etc…give the wonderful experience of enjoying a type of bird for greasy, delicious and tasty dishes.

However to the people who do not agree with the use of goose as food, they expose the negative points and even they consider the use of goose as food is a wrongdoing, a crime.

The typical controversy related to goose recipe is goose liver named foie gras from France. The opposite line from a picture is expressed quite clearly. One side in the art of cuisine because foie gras is considered the pinnacle of the culinary. Or for French, many people who are proud of with foie gras because it is so unique.

In the contrast, many people consider that behind the art of cuisine like this, a crime be hidden. The gooses giving greasy livers have to live in the hell because they are being forced fed until not be able to move. Even they are easy to be in the situations such as sickness, self attack, serious stress and then die. It is barbaric form of torture and it should be condemned.

Goose as food on the side of the debates

In the case we do not focus on the foie gras, it is said that goose is the normal source of food for human. Goose may give goose flesh much like duck giving duck meat. It absolutely was a food source in the food history and human life from the ancient time.

In the food history, goose was same other bird types, it had a long time existed in the human life from the beginning. It was domesticated for egg and flesh. It was belived that the use of goose as food was loved by the Egyptians and Romans. However it was not so popular as much as chicken or duck. The explanation was that it might be the farming could be not easy such as chicken or duck farming.

In 19th century, goose meat was so popular in Europe. The countries consumed it such as England and then France and some other countries. In the later time, goose has been used in some countries in North America and Asia. The goose is farmed widely in these areas but not all countries from here where consume it as much as some countries in Europe.

Till this moment, goose farming is still a part of agricultural activities in many countries. There is a million tons of goose meat produced each year according to the global poultry production. Following the production and consumption of goose products, China; Poland and Hungary are reminded as the top of countries where export goose meat; while some countries such as Germany, England and France are the top of countries where import the goose meat. Related to goose liver called foie gras especially, the countries where produce and consume this product such as France, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, The US and China in which France is the largest producer of goose liver in the world production.

Goose and human health

In some aspects to human life, goose has its role contributed to human food source both in nutrition and flavor. Goose meat is arranged in the red meat list but it still gives the certain value in the case it is used in the right way.

Goose meat is rich in flavor. It is low in fat and cholesterol. Goose meat can give the valued riboflavin, niacin, selenium and some other vitamins and minerals. Goose meat may contribute to healthy meals under the limit and control.

Related to goose egg, it may give the certain benefits to human health such as other egg types. Goose egg is rich in fat, calcium, vitamin A, iron, selenium and many other vitamins and minerals. Base on the rich nutritive value, especially high cholesterol, goose egg is advised not to be used in the cases such as having tight eating plan for heart health, diet plan, heart disease and high cholesterol.